Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2005


The weather was just perfect as members of the Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club assembled at Doon Pioneer Village once again this year to participate in the 2005 Field Day Emergency Preparedness and competition in radio field operations. This years participants included a variety of mode operations with six stations operating throughout the competition on portable generator power. Doon Heritage Cross Roads provided the camp with a large operating tent once again this year, however several operators also brought their own mobile trailers, which served as a base of operations. The crew quickly erected the mobile tower from which many of the dipoles and antennas were connected from and several verticals were also firmly planted in the ground by some of the band captains. The portable generating system consisted of a single 5.5kv generator that supplied ample power to all of the operators during the competition that lasted a full 24 hours. Sadly missed this year was the generous contribution of Hubie and Eileen Stumpís famous supper of chilly and deserts. Just did not seem the same without these two individuals making their appearance to satisfy the hunger of station operators on Saturday evening lunch. In this article Iím sure that I will miss someone that has contributed greatly to the success of this years field day, to which Iím going to apologize at this time, one should wonder around with a piece of paper to record activities to which I did not, so I am relying on my old brain and some input from other operators for some of the details. Special thanks on behalf of all the operators are extended to those that fed the troops during the contest. Linda Hayward, Fred Lowe and his wife Janice and many others that pitched in. No one went away hungry.

Operators this year included the team of Gord Hayward VE3EOS and Don Fisher VE3ESE on 160 meters, Charles VE3CHJ on 80 meters, Bill VE3ETK and Gord Gibson VE3RGG on 40 meters, Linda Hayward VE3LWH on 20 meters using the club station equipment, Dave VE3RBA on 20 meters CW. Operating digital mode on several bands was Stan VE3VAC, and satellite operation was attempted from a new member of the club Mike Hudson who is still waiting for his call sign, and operated through the club FD call sign. Congratulations Mike on your participation. Thanks for the many people that took the time to take photos of this years event, and send them to me. I will try to burn a few CDís with these years pictures to be stored with the clubs archives, and hope to have a few extraís to give away at the clubs Sept meeting.

Ben Sasiela


Past Pres