The 2nd Fox Hunt by VE3NSV

February 22, 2004

Photos and story
by Paul VE3SY

The hunters gathered at Tim Horton's corner of River and Ottawa Street about 13:00 to have a warm cup of java prior to setting off at 13:31 (the official start time).  So that Terry could participate, Tracey VE3TTG hid the fox and promised she did not give Terry any hints.

Yours truly realized he had forgotten his camera so headed out for Petersburg to retrieve same while the rest of the group started tracking down the fox.  

Now with a promise that he had no advance idea where the fox was, Terry was first to find the fox at 14:15 using his mobile and two 41dB attenuators.

Next to arrive was Terry VA3BHL from Georgetown who found out about the hunt from the club web site. He decided to join in the hunt for the elusive fox using only his HT and random driving. Then using his HT without an antenna, he tracked down the fox at 14:34.

Next to find the fox was James VA3TNG (last hunts winner) who found the fox at 14:38.  James used a home brew 3 element yagi with a home brew attenuator on his HT.  James would have beaten Terry VA3BHL had he believed his equipment on his first pass by the fox.  A witness indicated James pointed his yagi directly at the fox some 40 feet away but packed up and left feeling he was not that close.

Using only my mobile with a omni mobile antenna and no attenuator, your reporter arrived at 14:44.  (NOTE: I am also asking for a 20 minute time adjustment to make up for my trip home to get my camera before starting the hunt.  I was promised that the Fox Hunt Executive Committee will hold a special meeting to consider my request  :-)

 (see below photos for more story)

Terry VE3NSV retrieving the fox for a move to Tim's after the main group found the fox.

Terry VE3NSV adding a bit of confusion for Dave VE3RBA who could not understand why the fox seemed to be on the move.

Terry VE3NSV (r) showing James VE3TNG (l) the new microprocessor based Pico controller used to run the Fox. It includes a Mitel DTMF decoder allowing the fox to be remotely controlled. Close-up is in the inset.

Don VE3ESE (r) and Gord VE3EOS (l) redesigning there direction finding phase array.

Don VE3ESE showing exactly how long the electrical 1/4 wave stub needs to be.

Dave VE3RBA and Jane VA3JSC arrived at 15:15 followed by the dynamic duo of Don VE3ESE and Gord VE3EOS who immediately went into a planning session for the next hunt.

So the unofficial results of the Fox Hunt all subject to approval by the Fox Hunt Executive Committee, are as follows

Start time 13:31

  1. Terry VE3NSV 

  2. Terry VA3BHL

  3. James VA3TNG

  4. Paul VE3SY

  5. Dave VE3RBA

  6. Don & Gord







Terry indicated the next hunt will take place in May.  Stay tuned for details

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Paul VE3SY