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The following links of Amateur Radio Club Pages have been accumulated from various sources.

        Elmira Radio Club

 Orchard City Amateur Radio Club

 Ontario Amateur Radio Service (Ontars)   )added  May 31, 2006

 The Trans Provincial Net added October 08, 2001
   The Transprovincial Net meets daily on 7.055MHz lower sideband from 7am to 6pm Eastern Time

 Sandbox Roundtable Net added December 29, 2002
   Amateur Radio's Premier 40 Meter Round Table Net 2300 Hours UTC daily on 7.0635 MHz plus or minus the QRM.

The Maritime Mobile Service Networkadded  May 31, 2006


 Thornhill Radio Amateurs Club added Mar 01, 2006

 WP3C Homepage and DX Reference added May 23, 2005
   Dx clusters, contest, qsl gallery, Propagation, live chat, etc.

   Tells a little bit about our club

 Boyer Valley Amateur Radio Club added April 07, 2005
   Active club in western Iowa. Information on this years Flea market.

 RF Cafe added March 21, 2005
   RF Cafe is an extensive resource for RF, microwave, wireless, & other aspects of science & engineering, including equations, references, conversions, links, app notes, test notes, ham radio, books, forums, standards, more.

 Hillcrest Amateur Radio Society added March 21, 2005
   The web site of Hillcrest Amateur Radio Society, detailing up and comeing events and pictures from past events

 Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub Inc. added February 23, 2005
   Very active group serving the Northwest Avalon Area, ARES and More

 AD6RS.COM added February 22, 2005
   The Home of the No-Code Extra!

 CoffeeShop - Elora Amateur Radio - VA3OAT added August 22, 2004
   Has information on packet radio and local repeaters.

 World-Wide Radio Club added July 15, 2004
   An amateur radio club located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada

 Canadian Operators Bringing Regional Assistance added May 25, 2004
   COBRA Radio Club of Niagara

 Western New York Southern Ontario Repeater Council added May 25, 2004
   Repeater Council for promoting optimum use of spectrum without interference

 Crawley Amateur Radio Club.England. U.K. added May 10, 2004
   A very well known UK site.. from VLF to Ghz.. with a smattering of laser.with 1296Mhx TV Rptr & a good take off for HF .. see THE SITE....

 The Lambton County Radio Club added April 11, 2004
   Fostering a wide range of Amateur Radio activites, events and public service in the Sarnia and Lambton County, Ontario (Canada) area

 Tri-County Amateur Radio Club added July 14, 2003
   Simple Antenna and home brew designs. links, propogation information and club information.

 Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club added May 02, 2003
   The Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club in Rome, Georgia.

 Paper Chasers' Log - from N0OKS added March 12, 2003
   Paper Chasers' Log is a QSO logging program that tracks DXCC, CQ & ITU Zones, WAS, Grid Squares & more than 100 other awards from all over the world including several Canadian Awards.

 Sarnia White Cane Amateur Radio Club added December 29, 2002
   Radio Station VE3SWC

 i1wqrLinkRadio added December 01, 2002
   Over 4000 ham radio links

 Yahoo VHF/UHF PSK Digital Group added December 01, 2002
   Would you like to know more about digital modes and usage on VHF/UHF? If you would like a place to talk digital and promote PSK/HELL/SSTV/WSJT/FSK441/JT44 then please check us out...ALL are welcome!

 Burlington Amateur Radio Club added March 18, 2002
   Lists executives, activities, and related items for tyhe Burlington Amateur Radiuo Club

 Drumlins Amateur Radio Club, Ltd. added March 12, 2002
   New on net last July with our own URL.WA2SOK had posted club Newsletter on his personal site. We try to keep our members updated on Rules, New modes,and interesting material for all the bands - 160 to 1.2 GHz

 Festival City Amateur Radio Club in Stratford Ontario added December 27, 2001
   Festival City Amateur Radio Club Located in Stratford, Ontario Canada

 CERTBC Community Emergency Response Teams added August 13, 2001
   Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Response/Emergency Communications

 Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Inc added June 13, 2001
   Ham Radio Club From Ottawa

 N2BR Amateur Radio Ham Swap Page added May 18, 2001
   Amateur Radio Links and Information,Also N2BR Amateur Radio Swap Page for Posting Ham Gear ForSale Trade Swap Etc.

 Registry of Senior Wireless Operators added March 23, 2001
   Information on a Certificate for Wireless Operators in service longer than 25 years.

 Kuwait Amateur Radio Society added March 17, 2001
   Kuwait club 9k2ra

 Ham Radio Community Chapter added August 11, 2000
   Live webcam feeds of ham shacks, interactive gatherings,polls,mods,solar updates, FCC news, photos,videos, fun for all, learn about others.

 Dalton(Georgia,USA)Amatuer Radio Club added June 17, 2000
   DARC represents Hams in the N.W.Georgia,US area.

 Amateur Club Web site added April 07, 2000
   This is the website for the Peel Amateur Radio Club. All information for the club is available through this website.

 VE3LS London Seniors Amateur Radio Club added March 15, 2000
   Club information

 Border City Radio Club added March 03, 2000
   Club Information; swap; links to local Canwarn and ARES

 Russian ARES added December 31, 1998
 W7UTC Up The Crick Radio Club added December 28, 1999
   (JAVA Advertising) Eugene,or ham club supporting our local rpt's sponser of the Eugene ham fest. first sat in may 2000

 AC6V's Amateur Radio Reference added November 08, 1999
   A monster site covering all aspects of Ham radio. Just about anything you might be interested in is here.

 Ontario DX Association added July 21, 1999
   Mainly aimed at SWL

   Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RARES)

 Oliver Amateur Radio Club added December 21, 1998
   Project pictures, club roster
Oliver British Columbia, Canada

 Teen Operators added December 12, 1998
    (TAROC)... a place for teen amateurs to hang out.

 Guelph ARC added November 10, 1998
     The Guelph Ontario Amateur Radio Club Web Site

 London ARC added November 10, 1998
     London Ontario Amateur Radio Club

Owen Sound added November 10, 1998
     Georgian Bay A.R.C. Web Site

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