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Field Day 1971  

KWARC has rummaged through the basements drawers garages you name it we have been there and are pleased to bring some photos from the KWARC 71 field day.

They were converted into digital JPEG format by Paul Cassel VE3SY using his Camcorder and SNAPPY., a composite video to digital converter device that plugs into the parallel port of a computer. Input any composite video image into the Snappy and your away and running.

The Price Club has the new Version 2.0 models for just under $300 while the version 1.0 models (used here) were on sale at $189.00

Location - location - location

Doug Campbell 71 FD 20 metre The 1971 Field Day was held atop the Chicopee Ski Hill in Kitchener. This location provided the ultimate in VHF locations however HF reports were not exceptional.BZF and CHQ mobile on 20m

RFI from something at the site created a challenge for most operators. Another challenge was building an 80 metre dipole from scratch without a tape measure. NO PROBLEM! Tony VE3DWI indicated he was exactly six feet tall so using Tony as a reference we built our dipole.BZF and CHQ on 20m

  The "Northern Gang", Lloyd Ferns VE3BZF and Doug Campbell VE3CHQ, set up shop on 20 SSB from the rear seat of Doug's 69?? Ford sedan using Lloyds Collins S line.

Ron hand VE3SP on cwCW activity

Remember when Field Day featured more CW than phone stations? Well, two of more avid CW operators  of the day were Ron Hand, [call removed (February 2019) at request of the current holder ] and Al Sherry, VE3ENK.

Here we see Ron on the keyer and Al logging. You may note the more typical ham gear of the day in 1971. The Transmitter looks like a Heathkit DX60 (single 6146) with an External Heathkit VFO. The receiver appears to be a Drake 2C. I believe the box atop the receiver is an active CW audio notch filter? Al Sherry VE3ENK on cw

On the DX60 you will note a SWR-1. This was one of Heaths first kits. Beside the SWR bridge is the mandatory flash light used at night to refill the generator every few hours. To the right was ENK's home brew keyer. Yes folks, 25 years ago Hams really did build stuff.

SSB activity

al Wilson and Ivan Bradley Two of the more active hams of the time were Albert Wilson, VE3BJZ(right) and Ivan Bradley, VE3CBT (left). Both are now silent keys.

Here we see Albert (Al) logging while Ivan is busy making another contact.

Ron Gimbel and Ivan Bradley Also working with Al and Ivan where Ron Gimbel, VE3DBD and a youngster named John Doidge, VE3--.

The Transmitter appears to be a Drake and the corner that you can see of the Receiver may have been a war surplus HRO?.


Don Fisher VE3ESE abd Bob Smith VE3OE The award for ambition and ability to consume more 807s than anyone (and not the 807's from RCA), went to this colorful team.

Bob Smith VE3OE, (left) and Don Fisher, VE3ESE (right) were always fixtures at Field Day for many years, usually on 40SSB. Their motto was: "late to bed and late to rise".

Supervisor detail

SY, CBT, BJZ, CEA, AMZ, Geo SommervilleNo Field Day was ever a success with out having the clubs Chief Engineer,  Ross Carruthers, VE3CEA (Silent Key) check the impedance of everyone's antenna.

And of course there are many supervisors required to watch the Boss work.

Paul Cassel VE3AVY (now sy), Ivan Bradley VE3CBT(sk) Albert Wilson, VE3BJZ(sk), Al Sherry VE3ENK (hidden), Ross Carruthers VE3CEA(sk), John Riddell, VE3AMZ and George Somerville VE3CYD

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