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Field Day 1996

The following Field Day 96 photos were taken by Ben VA3BNY with his camcorder and converted to JPEG format.

Paul VE3SY

Paul Cassel VE3SY prefers to operate Field Day single band, and single operator using his Field Day logging software. This multi-photo picture shows the annual mobile operating position as well as the rig (on the dash) and the Notebook riding the hump. David Johnson VA3MRJ lends some moral support from a chair outside the car.

Field Day is not possible with out a Field Day co-ordinator. This position has been filed for the past several years by Bill Fretz VE3WLL shown here operating the packet station from the back of Frank VE3OFH's truck.

One of luxuries extended to the participants are clean washroom facilities. OK! There is no running water so we'll call it a nice clean out-house.

Gord Hayward VE3EOS operates 80 phone with his TS-520.

Mark Schwindt VE3THG was one of the operators in the VHF shack. Here Mark is operating the 6 metre Sideband rig.

The KWARC Webmaster, Paul Cassel VE3SY is shown here in front of Gord's 19 set discussing the features and specifications of the historic relic.

Paul was reared into ham radio in the late 50's at High School using an identical rig. In fact, (statute of limitations have expired) Paul, Len Morris, VE3FJB and Dennis Elliot VE3FEZ (now 3??)pirating on 40 and 80 CW with an unused call at between 15 and 20 wpm for the better part of a year. No one challenged anyone with 15 wpm CW.... well at least not until the local Radio Inspector, Eric Rush VE3XL, suggested that us "boys" should consider writing our ham exam which we did and the rest is history.

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