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Misc. Field Day

Here are a number of photos that require further information. I am looking for the following info on each.

  • Name and Call of everyone
  • Year of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Any stories that anyone can remember about the event or person/s
  • Additional comments or ideas on whereto locate additional photos or memorabilia.

If you have any info, please email what you have to webmaster@kwarc.org.

Thank You

This was Gord Moogk VE3DPB and Newt Good VE3CY  (I think)in early 60's behind the WW Airport.  Does anyone know the year?

This is Len Shantz VE3AVF but I am not sure of the other fellow. Location may be at the airport not sure of that or the year.

This may be Russ Anderson VE3EHV and Paul Waechter VE3BBB. Can someone confirm this as well as the year and location?

No question the guy on the right is Don Fisher VE3ESE and I think the hat belongs to Len Shantz VE3AVF. Comments as to where and the year?

This is Bert Wiley VE3HMK I believe when FD was at Rogers Cable headend near New Dundee. Need year and confirmation of location.

Bill Makin VE3IAP left and Marshall Killen VE3KK at an EMO FD. What year?

This is ???? VE3MTO and his Son at the same EMO FD. Names and year please.

Terry Taylor VE3NEJ (rear) and Doug Campbell VE3CHQ at EMO???

John Lubinkov VE3EUH from Elmira.
Need location and year.
May be at WW Airport?

If you have any info please email us at webmaster@kwarc.org

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