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Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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Minutes of Meeting held January 3, 2000.

Dave called the meeting to order at 7:40. At the time of the meeting, a winter storm watch was in effect. Forty members and their guests were able to attend.

Ben, VA3BNY introduced the guest speaker, ex-president Paul Cassel, VE3SY. Paul’s talk centred on the digital aspects of the hobby especially with respect to the Internet. The talk concluded at 8:50 when Ben presenting Paul with a certificate of appreciation.

At 8:55 members broke for refreshments.

The meeting reconvened at 9:10. John, VE3AMZ presented his “Technical Tip” for the evening, demonstrating the correct way to attach coax to a connector.

Club vice-president Bob, VA3MCK took the opportunity of welcoming special visitors, A.J. VE3ABZ and his father Rob as well as Terry VA3TJZ to the meeting.  A.J. and Terry, who enjoy using the KSR repeater, had never before visited the club.  Both are students at the W. Ross MacDonald School for the Blind in Brantford.

Dave VA3MRJ made the following announcements: The next club meeting, to be held February 7th. will focus on introducing the hobby of amateur radio to the general public. Several exhibits are planned including on-air demonstrations using a variety of amateur modes. Dave distributed flyers among the audience and asked everyone to make an extra effort to make contact with potential new hams.

A location for the proposed beginner’s course has still to be found. This will be a topic for conversation at the next executive meeting scheduled for January 11th.

The club is still searching for a coffee person or persons. Volunteers are asked to put their names forward.

Ben, VA3BNY expressed gratitude to all those who participated in the Y2K watch. The operation highlighted the contribution amateur radio is able to make within the community.  Ben encouraged members to check the web-site and view the pages relating to the “event”.

Ed VE3TCK mentioned that a de-briefing would be held for all those who took part (Time and place to be announced).

Greg, VE3NXB, won the 50/50 draw, valued at $22.00.

At 9:30pm Dave, VA3MRJ adjourned the meeting.  

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