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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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Jan 11, 2000 at Clarica

In attendance:

Dave VE3MRJ, Bob VA3MCK, Dave VA3DGS, John VE3AMZ, Ben VA3BNY, Paul VE3SY, Larry VE3LGN, John VE3VRA.

Dave VA3MRJ called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Topics for discussion

Meeting minutes Packet report Christmas Lunch
Insurance amendment Open house IXY repeater license
Technical committee  Ham course location Financial report

Minutes of the last executive meeting
A motion to accept the minutes for the November executive meeting was proposed by Paul, VE3SY and seconded by Bob, VA3MCK. All voted in favour.

Insurance amendment
Dave, VA3DGS informed the executive that the club's insurance policy has been amended to include the Mannheim site. The premium has increased by $41.02 a year.

Technical committee
Dave, VA3MRJ asked the technical committee about the list of proposed recommendations concerning improvement to the club's equipment as discussed at the November executive meeting. John VE3AMZ apologized for the delay and promised to discuss the issue with his colleagues and report back on its findings. In addition, he expected to deliver an inventory of the club's equipment.

There followed a general discussion about the proposed new tower at the VE3KSR repeater site at Baden. The present owners of the site have plans to replace the existing tower. It was reported that notice had already been given to the existing users to remove equipment from the structure. Paul recommended opening a dialogue immediately with the owners and suggested VE3PQ as a contact. Ben and John, VE3AMZ promised to look into the matter and report back.

Packet report
Larry VE3LGN reported the activities of the Packet Group. He made a request for a 2 metre antenna to be made available during the proposed Open House meeting in February.

Open house
It was pointed out that there is a requirement to have any public event sanctioned by the executive. John, VE3AMZ moved "That the club stage an open house for the purposes of demonstrating amateur radio to the general public at the next radio meeting to be held February 7th at Dutton Drive." The motion was seconded by Paul.

Ben suggested a "Welcome to Ham night" sign be displayed at the door. Dave, VA3DGS mentioned he was in possession of several day-glow pointers that could be nailed to strategic hydro poles. Paul informed those present that press releases to the media will appear during the next week.

Ham course location
Dave, VE3MRJ told the executive that a site had still to be found for the location of the beginner's ham course. Several sites were proposed including the Resurrection School and St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Dave agreed to research both ideas.

Christmas Lunch
Bob, VA3MCK reported that at least one club member had complained about the quality of the club's Christmas luncheon held at the Transylvania Club. Ben, VA3BNY remarked that the majority of those attending had been satisfied with the meal.

IXY repeater license
According to Ben, the name of Gerry O'Robko appears on the current license issued to the repeater VE3IXY. Ben suggested submitting a change request. Paul remarked that it would not be worth the effort since there is a good chance that, pending current restructuring, no licenses will be issued by Industry Canada after next year.

Financial report
Dave, VA3DGS declared a current balance of $2600 plus the GIC

Dave, VA3MRJ closed the meeting at 9:05pm.

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