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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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March 14, 2000 at QTH of Dave VA3MRJ

In attendance:  
Dave VE3MRJ, Bob VA3MCK, Dave VA3DGS, Ben VA3BNY, Paul VE3SY, VE3VRA.

Club president Dave VA3MRJ called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Topics for discussion:

  • Financial report
  • Nominating committee
  • Executive meeting location
  • Field Day Site
  • Flea market
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment line-up 

Financial report
Dave VA3DGS reported that to date he’d received approximately $200 from students enrolled in the amateur radio course. He also pointed out that the club could expect to be over $300 better off as a result of Industry Canada’s revision to the licensing regulations.

Nominating committee
It was brought to the attention of the executive committee that club elections are due in May and that nominations should be finalized in time for the April meeting. Dave VA3MRJ asked that information relating to the forthcoming election, including a request for nominations, be posted on the web-site and in the bulletin. Dave said he would contact individuals with a view to setting up a nominations committee.

Executive meeting location
Clarica is no longer allowing the KWARC executive meetings to be held on their premises. It was decided that, temporarily, private residences belonging to executive members would be used for meetings. The next executive meeting on April 11th is to be held at the home of Paul, VE3SY in Petersburg.

Field Day Site
Dave VA3MRJ, told committee members he had asked Dave Knight, VE3PMT to check into some potential sites for this year’s Field Day.  President Dave said he would be calling him to check up on his progress.

Flea market
Dave VA3DGS reported he’d been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact the new organizer of the Flea Market. Dave VA3MRJ said he’d try himself to arrange a meeting.

It was decided to ask Rich VE3DCC to start gathering volunteers for parking duties at the event.

Past president, Paul VE3SY explained that he’d received a number of enquiries from various manufacturers and institutions eager to fill vacant positions within their facilities. In response, Paul suggested that KWARC allow certain advertisements to appear on the web-site and in the pages of the bulletin. After some discussion Paul tabled the following motion:

“That the club accept selected advertisements to be displayed in the Bulletin and on the web-site in return for a consideration from the advertiser.”

Bob, VA3MCK seconded the motion that was passed unanimously by a show of hands.

Entertainment line-up
Ben VA3BNY notified those present that he’d received confirmation on the solar power presentation scheduled for April 3rd. Ben said that for the May meeting he was considering a video presentation showcasing a high power AM station located in Texas.

Ben VA3BNY proposed a motion to adjourn the meeting. Paul, VE3SY seconded the motion. The meeting closed at  9:20pm.

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