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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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April 12, 2000

In attendance:

Past Pres Paul VE3SY, VP Bob VA3MCK, Pres David VA3MRJ, Tech: Ben VA3BNY, Treas. Dave VA3DGS, Packet Larry VE3LGN, Guest Walter VE3NEI

Minutes recorded by David Johnson

Meeting was called to order at 7:36 by pres David.

Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting , vp Bob seconded by pres David. Motion carried

A discussion took place about the upcoming club elections. Elections will take place at the May club meeting, the 
board will present a slate of persons willing to run for election and call for nominations from the floor. 

Treasurer Dave reported that we will have $ 2,100 in the bank at the end of the month and this would be sufficient for club operation to year end. Membership renewals are starting to come in.

Dave then gave a report on his chance meeting with a CKCO rep who stated that work on the new tower will commence soon. The new tower will be 700 feet high and will be the only tower on site when the installation done. Its unknown what type of antennas will be used for commercial and Amateur use. Recommended that a message be sent to our tech committee chairman to have a meeting ASAP and set down what we need on the new tower so we are ready for discussion with CKCO when the time comes.

Ben gave a report on Mannheim, waiting for the rigger to do a site inspection.

Dave gave a report on preparation for the fleamarket, flyers are done and being distributed. A further push for helpers will be made at the next meeting with a list of required jobs and past volunteers.

Dave reported on the Essex Kent CANWARN brochure that we should copy to members . Received a letter of thanks from CNIB for donation, meeting dates have been set with Wing 404 for the next year.

Ben reported that the guest speakers at the May meeting will be Hugh ( IYG ) and Ted ( TJD ) with a presentation
on remote control past and present. Ben also brought the trophy from the Coffee Club. Larry will discuss the possible recipient of the trophy with the Coffee Club and report back.

VP Bob and Ben informed us about the search for a Field Day site. Motion by vp Bob seconded by Larry that we hold the Field Day at Doon Pioneer Village, motion passed.

Larry kindly offered to give up the packet groups meeting location at Ratz Bechtel to our executive for the monthly meetings. We will now meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Ratz and Bechtel commencing with the May meeting.

Larry made a suggestion that he will call members who have no rejoined the club by September.

A discussion took place on CANWARN, Ben was asked to contact someone from CANWARN to come to our June meeting and give us some training on CANWARN. We still need a CANWARN chairman. 

Meeting adjourend at 9:32

Thanks to Marg and Paul for hosting our meeting.

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