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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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KWARC Executive Meeting
At the Bechtel Funeral Home, Kitchener.
May 2, 2000

In attendance:
VA3MRJ, Bob VA3MCK, Paul VE3SY, Dave VA3DGS, Dennis VA3BLT, Ben VA3BNY, Larry VE3LGN, Jonathan Doll, and John VE3VRA.

Agenda items:
April executive meeting minutes.
Financial report
Club awards
Flea market
Bulletin advertising

Dave, VA3MRJ opened the meeting at 7:40pm.

April executive meeting minutes
Larry VE3LGN proposed a motion to accept the minutes of the last executive meeting. The motion was seconded by Paul, VE3SY and passed unanimously. 

Financial report
Dave VA3DGS presented the treasurer's report. Paul moved that the report be accepted. Bob, VA3MCK seconded the motion. All voted in favour.

Club awards
Coffee Club member Larry VE3LGN reported the unearthing of the "Carruthers Memorial Trophy", also known as the Amateur of the Year Award. There followed a general discussion regarding dormant club awards and the reactivation of the awards committee. Pau VE3SY suggested that in addition to receiving a trophy, recipients might also receive a plaque that would be retained by the individual.

Paul VE3SY to supply Dave VA3MRJ with an example of one such plaque.
Action: Paul also to select the name of an individual for the "Presidents Award" to be presented at the June meeting.

Flea market
Larry, VE3LGN suggested that the treasurer record the flea market float on future financial statements. This currently stands at $700.
There was a general discussion about involving the Cambridge club in the flea market. It was thought that their organization would benefit financially if allowed to operate a 50/50 draw. 
Action: KWARC flea market coordinator to approach the organizing committee with a view to implementing this idea during next year's event.

Placement advertising
Paul, VE3SY noted that the response to the recent advertisements in the bulletin had been favourable with one company. Three applicants had been interviewed as a result of the ad however none of applicants were selected.

A motion to close the meeting was moved by club president Dave VA3MRJ. Dave VA3DGS seconded the motion that passed unanimously.

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