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Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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June 5, 2000
Meeting Minutes.

At 7:35pm Club President, Dave VA3MRJ opened the meeting to 65 members and their guests. The customary introduction revealed people in attendance from as far afield as Guelph, Cambridge, Elora, Fergus and Brantford.

Business and announcements

Amateur courses
It was announced that all four amateurs who had signed for the Advanced license course had passed. These were Bob VA3MCK, Dave VA3MRJ, Dave VA3DGS and Ben VA3BNY. In addition seven of the eight who had registered for the beginners course had passed. On behalf of the club Dave VA3MRJ warmly congratulated the participants on their efforts.

Club Awards
Several awards were presented. The first of these, "The Past Presidents Award" was given to Paul VE3SY by current president Dave VA3MRJ. Ben, VA3BNY received the "Ross Carruthers Memorial Trophy" from Bill, VE3IAP. The last was the "Presidents Award", presented by Paul VE3SY to Dave VA3DGS for his outstanding service to the club..

Flea market
Coordinator, Dave VA3DGS reminded everyone of the Fergus Flea market scheduled for Saturday June 10th. Dave reported that he would like additional volunteers to man the admissions desk.
Rich VE3DCC requested more volunteers for parking duties.

Field Day
Dave VA3DGS also reported on the plans for the Field Day event to be held at the Doon Pioneer Crossroads located at Homer Watson and Huron on June 24th and 25th. Dave said that for amateurs willing to participate, the 80 meter SSB and CW spots remain available.

Technical Report
Technical committee chairman John VE3AMZ informed the membership that the antennas at Baden Hill have been removed from the tower. John went on to say that the coverage of the VE3KSR repeater will be restricted during the summer months.

Packet meeting
Larry VA3LGN informed everyone of the latest packet meeting and its location. He extended a welcome to all wishing to attend.

50/50 draw
The draw was won by Harold VE3DWH. The amount received was $23.50.

Guest Speaker
Ben VA3BNY introduced the evenings speaker, VE3TRW, Randy Mawson, representing Environment Canada. Randy introduced his audience to CANWARN illustrating his talk with a visual presentation.

Following a short refreshment break, Randy resumed his talk at 9:45 and continued until 10:15. At the conclusion of his well received address, Ben VA3BNY presented Randy with a certificate of appreciation.

Dave VA3MRJ closed the meeting at 10:20pm 

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