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Executive Commitee Minutes
by Jon Doll VE3CBX

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KWARC Executive Meeting
At  residents of Ben VA3BNY , Kitchener.
August 16th, 2000

In Attendance: Bob McKie, Dennis Tabbert, Ben Sasiela, Paul Cassel, Larry Gorman, John Riddell, Jonathan Doll.

Financial Report:
The current bank balance is $1530.00. The approximate Balance from the Flea Market is $750.00. Should we re-invest the money in GIC's or utilize it in other areas? Ben requires money for the club equipment. A min. of $500.00 & max. of $1000.00

Motion: Paul, Second: Larry

Invest the money in GIC's ( invest $1000.00 in a GIC for a period of one year. Re-invest date is after 11Sept00 Club meeting )

Packet Radio Report: 
Larry, No new developments with Packet Radio. ( undecided on booking the date to hold meetings. )

Future Club Meeting Events:
 Ben has approached many people about taking over the Program Committee position. This coming September, the guest speaker is Rick Herrgott from Industry Canada who will talk about where Industry Canada stands regarding Rules and Regulations and the dropping of the 12wpm morse code. October's meeting welcomes George Found who will talk about Grandpas Radio. November's meeting welcomes Craig who is presenting a video on American Broadcast Stations. Decembers meeting is a swap and Treat regular social meeting. January 01,and February 01, are undecided. March 01 is Show and Tell. Joe, VE3VXO, would like to present a demo on VHF and HF equipment in the future.

Certificate of Appreciation: Motion: Ben, Second: John.
To Wendy from Heritage Doon Pioneer village . a certificate of appreciation for hosting KWARC Field Day at her location . Ben and Bob will present the certificate.

Emergency Service: Purchase of a Vehicle suggested by Ed Spike.
"Trailer Issue" or a Vehicle, requires a lot of maintenance in the care and operation, volunteers, insurance costs, and a discussion regarding Ed's Spike and the position he currently is involved in has not shown any activity this past year. Drop the trailer idea. Bob to notify Ed that the plan to purchase a vehicle has been terminated.
Motion: John, Second: Dennis Tabbert

Currently we are not in a position to support a Vehicle or trailer for emergency.
Motion: John, Second: Dennis Tabbert
Ask Ed to Co-ordinate and organize CANWARN, ARES, emergency meetings and to attend the executive meetings.

Request: Bob, Jonathan to help co-ordinate an emergency group for HF, VHF at the regular meeting.

Repeater for Sale VE3RBM 
John Linnerth VE3OVO, representing the group who own the repeater, presents the sale of VE3RBM to the KWARC club for a price of One Dollar.
Motion: Bob VA3MCK, Second: Dennis VA3DLT.
The Club accepts and will take over the repeater. Paul VE3SY mentioned that we should notify Industry Canada that it is official as of 16 August 2000 from VE3RBM to VE3RCK.

Carried unanimously.

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