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Executive Commitee Minutes
by Jon Doll VE3CBX

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KWARC Oct 3, 2000 Executive Meeting
Present at Schreiter Sandrock Family Center: Bob McKie, Dennis Tabbert, Ben Sasiela, Paul Cassel, Larry Gorman, Ed Spike, Tedd Dodda, David Johnson, Jonathan Doll.

Topic of Discussion:
  • Ed Spike talked of re-organizing the Canwarn team and having the pagers re-distributed to members who will play an active roll in acting as controllers.  Randy from the weather service for Environment Canada would like the team to be on call and respond to any emergency weather for all four seasons of the year.  Ed mentioned that we could use the University Radio Club as a second option temporarily in the event that all the controllers are unable to respond to an emergency call.  
  • Bob would like the leaders of Canwarn, ARES, and the technical committee to be present at the executive meetings.
  • Dave Johnson seconded a Motion from Dennis VA3DLT to Appoint BenVA3BNY as the KWARC Technical Director. 
  • The Board of Directors appointed Ben and Ted to continue the duty of project planning for the Baden Antenna project from John VE3AMZ who resigned from the position of Technical Director for the KWARC club.

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