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Executive Commitee Minutes
by Jon Doll VE3CBX

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KWARC Executive Meeting
At the Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home, Kitchener.
Nov 7,2000

Present at Schreiter Sandrock Family Center: , Bob McKie va3mck, Dennis Tabbert va3dlt, Ben Sasiela va3bny, Paul Cassel ve3sy, Larry Gorman ve3lgn, Tedů David va3mjr, Jonathan Doll ve3cbx.

Topic of Discussion:

For liability reasons Ben VA3BNY entered into a Tower Service Agreement with KWARC.  With this agreement both Ben and the club each carry separate liability insurance should any issues arise during any third party tower work.

The executive discussed the plans for the coming program for December and did some brainstorming to fill the speakers for the balance of the fiscal year.

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