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Executive Committee Minutes
by Ron Gravelle VA3TVS

June 11, 2001 at home of Bob VA3MCK

In attendance: President Bob McKie VA3MCK* Sec. Ron Gravelle VA3TVS  VP:Dennis Tabbert VA3DLT, Hugh Baird VE3IYG, Tech Chair. Ben Sasiela VA3BNY, Treas: Dave Schwartz VA3DGS Bill Graham VE3ETK Director: Larry Gorman VE3LGN, Paul Cassel VE3SY

Topics Covered:

Hugh VE3IYG talked about HamFest held June 08/2001 - Total Ticket sold >700

Formal Election of Officers

  • President: Dennis Talbert VA3DLT

  • Vice President: Bill Graham VE3ETK

  • Secretary: Ron Gravelle VA3TVS

  • Treasurer: Dave Schwartz VA3DGS

  • Director (Tech) : Ben Sasiela VA3BNY

  • Director (Packet): Larry Gorman VE3LGN

Other NEW Executive Committee heads as follows:

  • Program Coordinator: Dave Johnson VA3MRJ

  • Canwarn Coordinator: Ron Gravelle VA3TVS

  • Printed Kilowatter Editor:  Paul Cassel VE3SY

Paul Cassel VE3SY made several draft copies of a New Members Package which was turned over to our new Vice President and Membership Chairman Bill Graham VE3ETK.   Paul is also our on-line KWARC newsletter editor.

Some minor changes to be made for the next general club meeting: 50/50 tickets to be placed at the entrance door, should stream line things a bit.

Tech Report
Ben Sasiela VA3BNY: TECH Financial statement, Ben also mentioned Field Day June 23th &24, 10am to 4pm, located in DOON Pioneer Village, same place as last year.

Audio-Video equipment to be supplied by EDCOM Multi-Media on Shirley Ave, (at no charge) KWARC will provide a credit on our newsletter web page.  Thank you EDCOM.

Foot Notes
Special thanks to Bob Mckie for hosting this executive meeting at his home.

Larry Gorman VE3LGN's son has acquired his basic license

VA3TVS, will keep club banner in between club events

 New club Industry Canada approved examiner is Bill Graham VE3ETK

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

Ron Gravelle VA3TVS

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