Kitchener-Waterloo ARC December 1997 The Kilowatter Newsletter

Executive Committee Minutes from Tuesday November 11th
Members Present:
President Paul Cassel VE3SY, Vice President Jim Butt VE3JAZ Secretary Marg Cassel VE3BLJ, Treasurer Greg Hollinger VE3NXB, Program Chairman Ben Sasiela VA3BNY, Emergency Coordinator Bill Fretz VE3WLL PUG Treasurer Larry Gorman VE3LGN, Database Manager Dave Schwartz VE3DGS, Packet Chairman Gord Hayward VE3EOS, and Firmware Guru Roger Sanderson VE3RKS.

The meeting was called to order at 7:50 with President Paul Cassel VE3SY as Chairman.

  1. Bill Fretz advised that the room at St Andrews Church will hold approximately 125 and he will look into the equipment that this available e.g. audio video etc. Jim Butt is to look into arranging a refund for the balance of the year for the present facilities rented from the City. Bill Fretz is to look into the cost of the room if it is available i.e. donation or help out with activities. It was suggested that we hold our next Executive Meeting there to see what the facilities are like Bill to look into.
  2. Gord gave the following report from the recent PUG meeting…. The Packet equipment ownership stays at KWARC…..All PUG Members will be KWARC members. Those who are presently not members of KWARC will have Assoc. Memberships. …… Ben Sasiela and Gord Hayward will meet to discuss how the PUG and Cyclone Committees will operate within KWARC.
  3. Ben Sasiela has been checking the equipment at Baden and has discovered that three radios are owned by Ted VE3TJD who advised that the radios can be purchased for $125 each. Ben is to obtain more information regarding the equipment at the hill
  4. Marg Cassel gave a report on her findings regarding the Insurance for KWARC. It was suggested that we stay were we are and she will check to make sure that we get the best coverage for the best price.
  5. Jim advised that the Cyclone Committee held their 1st meeting. The equipment purchased by Cyclone will be owned by them however the club will service same. The Committee includes Greg VE3NXB Finance, Tom VE3FCZ Technical, Jim Davidson will run the Command Vehicle, John VE3DOS will co-ordinate Traffic. Jim is to put together an article for the bulletin.
  6. Patch codes for KSR and RCK are completed and in place. KSR should be on in a few days.
  7. The Weather Receiver is just about ready to go into operation. We are waiting for crystals.
  8. After checking it was noted that there has been minimal use of the VE3RBM Patch.
  9. Ben advised that the ULR equipment is all out of Baden and is being rebuilt. New equipment will be put in at a future date. This could be in a few weeks.
  10. Bill Fretz VE3WLL advised that there will be no space available for the CANWARN station at the new Fire Hall until at least spring. He indicated that he has a fan out list of people and all the Committee have pagers and will contact the people on the fan out list should they be required and let them know were they are to go. It was felt by the Executive that training sessions were necessary and that Bill is to advise what is required to set up an organizational meeting of the Emergency Group and report back on his plans next month.
  11. Greg Hollinger advised the PUG Balance was higher than originally advised and arrangements have been made to correct this. He also reported that we have 5 new memberships.
  12. Ben thanked Gord for a great presentation at the last club meeting. The rest of the committee agreed.
  13. Meeting adjourned at 21:40

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