Executive Committee Minutes Kitchener-Waterloo ARC

Executive Committee Minutes from Tuesday January 20th, 1998
Members Present:
John VE3DOS, Jim Butts VE3JAZ, Greg Hollinger VE3NXB, Bill Riddell VE3WFR, Dave Schwartz VE3DGS John Riddell, VE3AMZ Gord Hayward, VE3EOS Dave Schneider VE3DAS Ben Sasiela VE3BNY and Marg Cassel VE3BLJ

The meeting was Chaired by Jim Butts VE3 JAZ as Paul Cassel VE3SY is away on business.

Gord Hayward and Larry are going to look into the equipment re the digipeater with Ted VE3TJD and report back.

John VE3DOS advised that he has rejoined RAC since the Emergency Coordinator has to be an RAC member. He advised that he will be the ARES Emergency Coordinator in place of Bill VE3WLL. A motion was made by John that a meeting be set up re the organization of a group. It was suggested that we might want to approach REACT to see if we could amalgamate our efforts with them. John is to report back within the next week or two with a date and place for the meeting.

It was decided that St Andrews Church was not appropriate for our meeting however we should continue to see what else might be available elsewhere.

Greg Hollinger VE3NXB advised that the club treasury is in good standing at this time.

John VE3AMZ advised that in order to use 911 feature on VE3KSR it is not necessary to use the activation tones, just dial 911. He also read a letter from Forest City Communications apologizing for the interference they have caused in the past months on VE3KSR.

Gord Hayward VE3EOS reported nothing new re PUG.

John Schreiter advised that we will have to find another location for our executive meetings as he is leaving Mutual Life and will no longer have access to the facilities offered there.

Ben Sasiela VE3 BNY advised that the February meeting will be Steve Gibson of Gibson T.V who will speak on Digital Camera He also advised that the March and April meetings will be switch. March is the Hidden HF Signal and April will be Show and Tell.

Dave Schwartz VA3DGS advised that the Data Base for the Club is working well and if any bugs do come up he tries to clear up ASAP to keep down the problems.

Dave Schneider VA3DAS advised that he has started the list of club equipment and values and will continue with pictures and lists. He wondered who has keys to the sites. John VE3AMZ and Dave will get together to tour locations.

Ted Doda VE3TJD has asked for permission to use the callsign VE3IXY on APRS at Manheim. Motion was made by John VE3AMZ and Seconded by John VE3DOS carried unanimously.

Jim Butts VE3JAZ gave his resignation at Vice President. He is moving out of the area and will not be able to continue as a member of the Executive. He asked for volunteer to form committee to get a new V.P. for the balance of the year. He also advised that Greg Hollinger VE3NXB will be flee market coordinator. Greg is to contact Gord Gibson to see if he would form Committee to find new VP. He also advised that the meetings for Cyclone will continues as previously set up.

Meeting adjourned.

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