Executive Committee Minutes Kitchener-Waterloo ARC

Executive Committee Minutes from Tuesday February 10th, 1998
Members Present:
Gord Gibson VE3NQK . Gord Hayward VE3EOS, Dave Schwartz VA3DGS, Ben Sasiela, VE3NXB, Paul Cassel, VE3SY and Marg Cassel, VE3BLJ

It was reported that we once again have an Executive Meeting site as John VE3DOS is once again working at Mutual Life.

OMMISSION...corrected 02/26/98
With the position of Vice President now vacant Dave Schwartz VA3DGS accepted the position for the balance of this year and is willing to stand for re-election next term.

John Schreiter VE3DOS advised that he is taking over the position of Chairman of the Cyclone Committee. The question was brought up as to weather George Kramer was aware of Jim Butts leaving.

Gord Gibson VE3NQK has volunteered to chair the Nomination Committee to present a list of people interested in running for the Executive of the club next year. He asked members of the present executive if they would continue with their positions and they have advised in the affirmative. Gord then made a motion that the nominations be presented at the April Meeting, voted on in May and that was the new members of the Executive will be present at the June Executive committee meeting.

Flea market update. Greg Hollinger reported that Brian Gingell has toured the Community Centre in Fergus and that the back of the building will be good for the Tail Gate Sales, Bill also advised that special interest groups such as Packet or Fast Scan TV could have rooms if they are interested. It was reported that there is a video of the site and arrangements will be made for the Group Leaders to view this in the near future.

There was a discussion as to the position of Emergency Coordinator. Gord Gibson and Paul Cassel are to arrange a visit with Bill VE3WLL

Dave Schwartz VA3DGS is looking into locations and asking for suggestions regarding a site for Field Day.

Gord Gibson advised that in the past the club has supplied Call Books etc to the Kitchener Public Library. He suggested that we should check to see how often they are used and should we be updating.

Meeting adjourned.

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