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Meeting Minutes from Monday May 4th 1998

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Cassel, VE3SY at 7:30 p.m. with 60 members and guests in attendance.

Gord Gibson VE3NQK gave his list of Nominations for the 1998-1999 term:

Dave Schwartz, VA3DGS, John Riddell, VE3AMZ, Gord Hayward, VE3EOS, Greg Hollinger VE3NXB, Paul Cassel, VE3SY, John Holmans VE3VRA, and Bill Riddell, VE3WFR.

John Schreiter, VE3DOS gave a report on the ARES and Canwarn Training. He also advised that the Red Cross were operating a Rally on May 24 and the Elmira club was looking for help. If you can help contact John VE3JXX.

The Minutes of the April Meeting were moved by Eric VE3BB with one correction.. Bill Riddell's call is VE3WFR. The minutes, as corrected were seconded by VE3WFR

Ben Sasiela VA3BNY gave us an informative talk on VE3ULR. (see more details elsewhere in this issue)

Meeting then adjourned for 20 minutes for coffee.

The meeting then continued. When no additional nominations where forthcoming from the floor, it was moved by Bob VA3MCK that nominations be closed. Seconded by VE3AOR and adopted unanimously.

The above will be the Directors for the coming year

Rich Clausey VE3DCC asked for volunteers to assist with parking for the Flea Market Brian VE3BWG asked for volunteers to assist with the admissions table.

John Riddell VE3AMZ advised that there is nothing new to report on the repeaters.

Dave VE3DAS advised that he has good junk and equipment to sell… Power Supplies, Circuit Boards, and Cabinets.

Dave VA3DGS advised that Field Day is 8 weeks away. He gave a brief talk on what Field Day is. It is being held in the Parking Lot at NCR is year and all are welcome.

Larry advised that the PUG meeting is being held at Ratz Bechtel Family Centre tomorrow at 7:30.

Ben Sasiela VE3BNY advised that there was a good turn out from all clubs for the ARES/Canwarn meeting.

John Riddell VE3AMZ advised that Ben Sasiela VE3BNY and Eric Enns VE3BB are going to speak at a local School . (see story elsewhere in this issue)

Paul Cassel VE3SY is looking for Past Presidents of the KWARC Club for 1949-59 If you have info contact him.

Meeting adjourned

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