Executive Committee Minutes Kitchener-Waterloo ARC

Executive Committee Minutes from Monday May 12th, 1998
Members Present:
Gord Hayward VE3EOS, Paul Cassel VE3SY, Marg Cassel VE3BLJ, John Schreiter VE3DOS, John Riddell VE3AMZ and Ben Sasiela VA3BNY

President Paul informed the Exec that he hopes to have Brian Gingel VE3BWG and Eric VE3BB audit out club books this year

There was a letter from Jeff Smith from the CNE Committee seeking support. We felt that our position should be that we should try to get volunteers to help but if no success we should send financial help. Moved by Marg VE3BLJ seconded by John VE3DOS that we send $100.00. Carried. (see note elsewhere in this issue from Committee advising the discontinuation of VE3CNE)

Ben Sasiela VA3BNY suggested that we once again look into Jackets for members to purchase.

Following a brief discussion of our financial position, a motion was made by Marg VE3SY seconded by John VE3AMZ that the cost of the annual phone patch be lowered for members to from $7.00 to $5.00. Carried.

A Banquet for this year way discussed and dismissed.

Ben was still looking for a speaker for the June Meeting and suggested Paul do an Internet presentation.

John Riddell reported that we they are still working on the repairs to the KSR antenna

Feedback from the Club Members re Programs, refreshments, start time, meeting length, speakers time of break. Also should we take speakers to dinner. It was decided to distribute a questionnaire at the June meeting..

We have two bids on 220 reporter. The cut off date is June 15th. Paul is to E Mail Andy VE3HK to request the manuals for the repeater.

When it was discovered that the VE3RBM UHF repeater did not have any Long Distance restriction, it was moved by Ben VA3BNY and seconded by Paul VE3SY that we temporarily remove the VE3RCK phone line from the RBM repeater.

Ben advised that he had the following suggestions for speakers next year.. Gary Hammond, Mini Dishes Phil Steckley or Express View, Show and Tell, PUG demo, Swap nite, Tower Talk, Insurance, Fox hunt - barbecue in September, 1998.

Meeting adjourned

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