Executive Committee Minutes Kitchener-Waterloo ARC

Executive Committee Minutes from Monday August 23rd, 1998
Members Present:
John Holmans VE3VRA, Greg Hollinger VE3NXB, Gord Hayward VE3EOS, Paul Cassel VE3SY, John Schreiter VE3DOS, and Dave Schwartz VA3DGS by Tele-Conference from California

220Mhz repeater
VE3HJ has confirmed his original offer made to the club in May to exchange the club's 220Mhz repeater for a new 210-C4 VHF antenna. This antenna has a value of about $1,000.00 including taxes. Greg Hollinger VE3NXB proposed a motion that the club accept the offer. The motion was seconded by John, VE3VRA and carried. Details of the proposed deal will be presented to the club at the September meeting and a vote by the membership will be held . It was noted that the club has, so far, received no official response to an earlier invitation for those opposed to the deal to voice their objections.

Field Day report
Dave VA3DGS reported that the club had submitted its Field Day entry to the ARRL. A total of 2500 points were claimed. Dave went on to say that the event was a success and had been enjoyed by operators and spectators alike. Greg, VE3NXB, said he had received three QSL cards for contacts made during the event.

Auditors Report
Treasurer, Gregg Hollinger, VE3NXB read the auditor's report submitted by Brian Gingel, VE3BWG. It contained several suggestions designed to improve the club's accounting practices. Dave, VA3DGS said it would be a simple matter to implement the recommended changes in the accounting software.

Flea market report
It is expected the club will gain between $1800 and $1900 in revenue as result of its participation in the Fergus Fleamarket this year.

Cyclone Bike rally report
Greg VE3NXB reported that the rally communications went well and that he expects to receive a donation from the organizers. Next years rally is expected to be well outside of our area.

Treasurer's report
Greg VE3NXB reported that the club currently has a bank balance of approximately $1,700 which will be bolstered by the Fleamarket profits and hopefully a donation from the Cyclone Bike Rally

Emergency Group report
John, VE3DOS, reported that CANWARN has completed its move to the new location at University Avenue and Weber Street fire hall. A computer, dedicated to CANWARN has been installed with auto Internet log-on. The addition of a CD ROM drive and a memory upgrade is planned for the near future. The next ARES training session is scheduled for mid September. A full-scale emergency exercise incorporating police and fire services will be held on Tuesday, October 27th. Elmira and Fergus amateur groups have been invited to participate.

According to Paul, VE3SY, Dave Schneider has resigned from his post as Inventory manager. The club will be seeking a person to fill the vacancy. In the interim, Paul suggested a re-listing of all club assets.

Director's Term of Office
Paul, VE3SY, proposed an amendment to bylaw #1 in which the term of office in any one position by any director be limited to a period of two years. The proposal in full will be submitted to the membership for approval.

Status of Incorporation
Concern was expressed regarding the possibility that the club's incorporated status may have lapsed. It was recommended that the committee review the necessity of incorporation and investigate the possibility that the club may be subject to a penalty as result of the lapse.

Other business - none.

John Holmans VE3VRA, Secretary

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