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Executive Committee Minutes from Tuesday October 13th, 1998
Members Present:
Dave VA4DGS, Paul VE3SY, Ben VE3BNY, John VE3DOS, Gord VE3EOS, Gord VE3NQK, Greg VE3NXB, Ed VE3TCK, John VE3VRA, Bill Riddell VE3WFR.

The meeting was called to order by Paul Cassel at 7:30pm. Paul thanked the executive members for their attendance and invited Gord, VE3NQK and Greg, VE3NXB to discuss their thinking with respect to the proposed "twinning" venture with a Cuban counterpart club.

Proposed Cuba Club Twin idea
The following was decided:

  1. Verify with the Cuban embassy that the proposal does not infringe upon Cuban law.
  2. That contact be established with a reputable Cuban institution, possibly Santiago de Cuba University.
  3. Establish reliable procedures for shipping equipment.
  4. Find a means to ensure that donated equipment will not be turned into quick cash.

Gord, VE3EOS proposed an idea whereby the club would establish a new class of membership. The "Cuban Twin" membership would allow a Cuban national to receive the club bulletin, and in addition, be encouraged to contribute to it. There was concern expressed about the cost of sending the Bulletin to the Island, however it was generally agreed that a few copies might easily be photocopied and distributed among the members.

Paul Cassel suggested the club's FT101ZD transceiver, used only once a year, be donated. This would have to be put to the members. Paul requested the committee work toward completing their proposal for the December meeting.

Appointment of the Nominating Committee Ideas for formulating a nominating committee were discussed. It was thought that an effort could be made to make the holding of an executive position more attractive to the members. Bill, VE3WFR reported that some members were unsure about the committee and its function. It was therefore suggested that members of the executive write a description of their responsibilities.

CANWARN report
Emergency Services Coordinator, Ed Spike VE3TCK, reported that he is currently on the look-out for a new CANWARN coordinator. Ed went on to say that the job is more administrative than hands-on. At least one member has already expressed an interest in the position. According to Ed there is also a shortage of Net Controllers for CANWARN. Any individuals interested in these positions or requiring additional information should contact him.

Ben, VE3BNY told the committee members that the Brantford group had again suggested associating itself with KWARC on the CANWARN front. It was generally felt that, based upon current weather patterns, an alliance between the Hamilton and Brantford groups might be more beneficial. John, VE3DOS, wanted to emphasize that KSR check-ins by members of the Brantford group would always be encouraged during a severe weather net. Paul added that the group would continue to be welcome to participate in any of the training sessions organized by the club.

Ed Spike suggested the club might want to invest in some kind of vehicle or trailer to act as a base during an emergency. Paul, VE3SY agreed that the idea was well founded but cautioned against the cost of maintaining such a vehicle. Bill Riddel VE3WFR believes that a space has been reserved for amateurs in the regional mobile emergency trailer. This has to be verified.

It was requested that the KSR hub be reconfigured to make CTCSS tones available when the Link is up. According to John, VE3AMZ, this would not be a difficult task. Ben to discuss with John VE3AMZ.

Ben, VE3BNY, reported that the changeover of the repeater patch access codes is scheduled for the same day as the club meeting in November. Authorized members will receive the new codes with their bulletin mailings or by e-mail.

Ben, displayed a copy of a repeater directory prepared by members of the Brantford group. The document, several pages long, lists operating procedures and all the options available on KWARC repeaters. Paul, requested a copy so that it could then be posted on the Web-site.

Confusion still reigns with respect to the ULR Link. Some executive members have been inundated with requests for ULR codes. Frequent requests to the Link provider to furnish updated codes have produced little or no response. According to the original agreement with KWARC, in exchange for allowing KSR to be used on the Link, members would be entitled free access to the codes. This benefit has not been forthcoming.

The word Confusion was also used to describe the KSR packet node. It was reported that recent changes have some users scratching their heads, others seem to have abandoned the site entirely. Gord, VE3EOS, agreed to look into it.

Ben, VE3BNY, advised the meeting that due to ongoing problems, the 220Mhz repeater, VE3IXY,will be brought down for repairs.

It would appear that the club is again without someone to greet people at the door. Our last greeter, Roy, VE3RDF, resigned the position owing to ill health. It is generally agreed that this position is very important, especially with respect to new members and visitors. It was mentioned that some potential members had been put-off by this appearance of indifference.

December meeting
It was proposed that the club should go ahead with its tradition of a "treat exchange" at the December club meeting. This received unanimous approval. Several of the members cautioned that the event should not be allowed to overshadow the rest of the meeting. Ben, VE3BNY, reminded the executive that a very interesting talk by Trylon had been scheduled for that evening. It was agreed to limit the business section of the meeting to allow the members to socialize and exchange treats.

VE3BNY reported on an idea to post the names of those celebrating birthdays in the Kilowatter. A previous idea to announce birthdays during club meetings met with a mixed response. Until a decision has been reached, Paul, VE3SY, suggested adding a "birthday field" to the database. Dave, VA3DGS agreed to make the change.

Also from Ben. In future issues of the bulletin, readers of the club magazine will be treated to a new article, titled, "Shack of the Month". The article will consist of a photographs of the selected member's shack and a short biography of its operator. The opening feature will likely appear in either the December or January issue of the Kilowatter.

Gord, VE3EOS, commented that the last packet meeting had gone very well with the attendance of a dozen people, two of them newcomers. Gord went on to say that a new project had been planned, although he omitted to say what it might be. Paul, VE3SY, suggested an article on the packet group for the Kilowatter would be welcome. Gord agreed to put something together.

Bike races
According to John, VE3DOS, the Oktoberfest bike races held last weekend were a great success. Eight members volunteered to act as communications back-up. John said there were only two injuries, a broken hand and a broken leg. Thankfully, club members were not counted among the wounded. After the event the volunteers were offered refreshments. John was optimistic that a donation to the club might be forthcoming, if not this year, then next.

Beginners Classes
Paul VE3SY, noted that there wasn't much interest locally in an advanced license course. It was suggested that the numbers might be 'upped' by bringing in people from outside the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

John Holmans VE3VRA, Secretary

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