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Minutes of the regular meeting of the membership of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club, November 02 1998

Sixty-four members and visitors attended the November meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Dave Schwartz, VA4DGS, vice president replacing Paul Cassel, VE3SY absent as a result of illness. Dave opened the meeting at 7:30pm.

Ben, VE3BNY, reminded everyone of the club's open-house at the KSR repeater site on Baden Hill. The event, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd, had been organized to allow those interested to view the VE3KSR repeater, ULR hub, packet, and computer equipment. It was stated that it might be possible for members to view the CKCO transmitter site. Ben also reminded us of the December meeting at which Trylon will be giving a talk on towers and the "Treat-meet" at which members are invited to exchange goodies. After these announcements Ben, introduced the guest speaker, Gary, VA3JGK. The subject of Gary's talk was The use of ultrasonics in medicine. Accompanied by a machine he affectionately calls a "glorified fish-finder", Gary led us through a series of interesting examples. Members submitted a variety of appendages for inspection. The highlight of the evening was an eyeball with Ben, VE3BNY's eyeball. Following the talk, which was very well received, the club presented Gary with a certificate of appreciation.

John, VE3DOS, announced that the new patch codes for both KSR and RCK would be in place by the following evening. Thanks were extended to the eight members who participated in the Oktoberfest bike rally and for the eighteen people who attended the ARES refresher course. Details regarding the proposed emergency exercise are to be announced at a later date.

At 8:50pm the members broke for coffee.

The meeting resumed at 9:05pm with the 50/50 draw. The winning ticket was selected by previous two-time winner, Norm Perault, VE3DEQ. Mary, VE3MWE collected $19.50 in winnings.

Dave, VA4DGS reported that there was a packet meeting scheduled for the following day. Ted Doda, VE3TJD, had been invited to speak on the new packet set-up.

The QCWA Fall Dinner meeting held two weeks ago was a great success, said Harold, VE3DWH. About a hundred people were in attendance. Several 50 plus years, and one 75 year certificate were presented to members. Harold extended an invitation to everyone interested to attend the next meeting due to be held on May 1st of next year. Chapter 73, the largest in the organization will be hosting Associations International Conference in the year 2000.

It was announced that the proposed fee hike by RAC is to be rescinded. The scheduled $10 increase would have raised the cost of membership from $39.95 to $49.95.

Gord, VE3NQK moved that the minutes of last months meeting be accepted as printed. Motion seconded by Drew, VE3AOR.

A motion was moved by Ron, VE3DBD, that the treasurer's report be accepted as printed. Bob, VE3MCK, seconded the motion.

Elmira district has a new repeater. Operating on 444.7Mhz with a +5Mhz offset, the repeater will run 10 Watts of power. The repeater, operating under the temporary callsign VE3EUC, is located 1300ft above sea level. Members are invited to try it out and pass on the information to other potential users.

Gord, VE3NQK, proudly announced that the recent "No-Name" expedition to Cuba during the ARRL contest was very successful. With 966,000 points to their credit they "Won the island" and were placed 10th overall in North America. The results of the contest can be found in the November QST. Gord used the moment to request donations of old equipment for Cuban amateurs.

Just before the conclusion of the meeting Dave, VA3DGS informed the members that the Field Day results has still not been published. Dave speculated that they may appear in the December issue of QST. The motion to adjourn put forward by Roger, VE3RKS, was seconded by Mary, VE3MWE.

The meeting closed at 9:15pm. John Holmans VE3VRA, Secretary.

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