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Minutes of the regular meeting of the membership of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club, December 07 1998

Members arriving for the December meeting were put into the Christmas spirit by the mellifluous tones of the "Ham Band", a jazz group consisting of John VE3AMZ (piano), Gerry VE3DYY (tenor and alto sax) and Rich VE3DCC (horn).

Throughout the evening members were entertained with a variety of music consisting of show tunes, old favorites and Christmas carols.

The meeting was called to order by Club president, Paul Cassel VE3SY at 7:30pm. Sixty-five members and guests were in attendance. Ben, VA3BNY immediately introduced the meeting’s guest speaker, Kurt Penfold Director of Operations from Trylon Towers.

Over a period of an hour Kurt outlined the structure of the Elmira company illustrating his talk with overheads of the company’s product line. The talk, which was warmly received, had many members yearning to erect similar structures in their own backyards. The talk concluded at 8:35 when Ben presented Kurt with a certificate of appreciation.

Ben reminded everyone of the club’s Christmas dinner due to be held on December 18th at the Transylvania club. He urged everyone to attend promising it to be an occasion to remember.

At 8:40pm Paul invited everyone to dig-in to many offerings that had been brought by members for the annual "treat-meet".

After an extended break the membership reconvened for a short business meeting. Gord, CG3NQK (a.k.a. VE3NQK) proposed a motion that minutes of the last meeting be adopted as printed; seconded by Marg, VE3BLJ. A motion that the treasurers report be adopted as printed was proposed by Bill, VE3WFR and seconded by Marc VE3HEB.

Paul, VE3SY announced a board meeting to be held on Tuesday December 15th.

The 50/50 draw prize of $28.50 went to VE3VBH, Brian Goodburn of Puslinch.

Gord, VE3EOS informed all, of the Packet Meeting to held the following evening, Tuesday December 8th.

Paul, is continuing to seek volunteers to add to the list of resource people who would make themselves available to those persons wishing to upgrade their license. So far only one name has been submitted, ironically a member of another club.

A very intriguing invitation came from Bob, VE3GLA who is currently involved in the writing of program for the manufacturer MFJ. As its name suggests, his "Rig Control Program" will enable its user to remotely operate certain types of equipment from a PC. Bob put out a request to club members in possession of either Kenwood or Icom equipment with a digital interface to volunteer their equipment for testing. This painless procedure would consist of a visit from Bob who would hook-up volunteer’s equipment to his laptop PC. Bob promised to reward participants by leaving a copy of the software in their possession.

VE3DBD, Ron took the floor to announce the schedule for next year’s beginners course. Starting January 18th, courses will run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 – 10:00pm at Mutual Life. The last session will be devoted to the final examination. Ron had brought along several copies of a course flyer for distribution among members.

In a surprise gesture Ben, VA3BNY paid tribute to John, VE3AMZ’s forty years as a radio amateur, presenting him with a framed photograph of himself (John, not Ben) when still a high school student in 1961. After the presentation Ben reminded club members of next month’s meeting at which he and Ted, VE3TJD will be hosting a packet radio demonstration.

In honour of Fred Hammond’s 86th birthday on December 15th Gerry, VE3DYY announced the details of a celebration to be held at the St.Josephs Home in Guelph where Fred is recovering from a recent stroke.

At 9:15 Paul, VE3SY declared the meeting over and extended holiday greetings to all. After the presidents address members scurried back to the tables to consume the remaining goodies.

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