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January Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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The Jan 4th 1999 General Meeting
Some forty members and guests ( some from as far afield as Fergus and Elora) turned out on a very snowy night to attend Monday’s meeting. Several members, including Club President Paul Cassel VE3SY, were unable to attend because of the weather. Dave, VA3DGS presided over the evening’s meeting which was called to order at 7:35pm.

After introductions Dave launched right into the business meeting. This reversal of events was as a result of the extra time required to set up for the evening’s demonstration.

The motion to accept the minutes of last month’s meeting was proposed by Bill, VE3WFR and seconded by Gord, VE3NQK. Bill also proposed the motion accepting the treasurer’s report which was seconded by Vern, VE3RVS.

Gord, VE3EOS announced that a Packet Meeting was to be held at the usual place at the usual time of 7:30pm.

John, VE3AMZ, delivering the Technical Report, announced that the club had been in receipt of a very generous donation of eight reels of Heliax cable. It was pointed out that operating frequency of the repeater VE3EUC was mistakenly recorded as 442Mhz instead of 444.7Mhz.

QSL manager, Gord VE3NQK, declared that the club now has three confirmed countries; the United States, Canada and Norway. There was some confusion regarding the Norwegian card that is addressed to VE3IC/7. No one present seemed able to offer an explanation. As the collection increases these, and others like them, will be mounted into an album reserved specifically for this purpose. Gord also informed the members of a logging program which will be made available to club members wishing to use the VE3IC call during contests.

Ron Gimbel, VE3DBD, the club’s Education Co-ordinator is seeking additional registrants for the beginner’s course, scheduled to start January 18th. The numbers of applications receive to date has not been encouraging.

At 8:45pm, Ben, VA3BNY announced that with their preparations complete he and Ted, VE3TJD were in a position to begin their talk on Packet Radio. The talk was divided into two sections. Ben started with a slick Power Point presentation that enabled members to see in detail the workings of Packet. Later, Ted demonstrated various Packet sites and walked club members through some of the software and commands.

Dave, VA3DGS closed meeting directly after the completion of the talk.

John VE3VRA, Secretary

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