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February Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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The Feb 1st 1999 General Meeting

Members arriving early had an opportunity to peruse a large variety of radio and electronic equipment brought in by members taking part in the 1999 KWARC Swap meeting. At 7:70pm Paul, VE3SY opened the event with a welcome to all and an invitation to dig into the refreshments and commence wheeling and dealing. Prior to the business meeting there were 60 members and guests present.

Business and announcements
After buyers had bought and sellers sold, Paul opened a short business meeting.

A motion to accept the meeting minutes from last month was proposed by Eric, VE3BB, seconded by Drew, VE3AOR.

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was proposed by Drew, VE3AOR and seconded by Arwed VE3AYZ.

John VE3AMZ, submitting his report on behalf of the Technical Committee, commented on the following: There is currently a malfunction with the KSR repeater. For some time the station has been transmitting a PL tone of 131.8Hz. John pointed out that this would not affect the operation of the station. John also reported that a problem with the KSR landline had been resolved.

VA3BNY, chair of the subcommittee examining the viability of introducing a PL tone on KSR, took the floor to provide the members with an explanation of the situation. The topic generated a great deal of interest and several members expressed an opinion. In an attempt to gauge the overall feelings of the membership, Ben distributed questionnaires and entreated attendees to complete them. The findings of the committee are expected to be presented in March.

As an aside Ben, reminded everyone of next month’s meeting which is to be a "Show and Tell" session. Members wanting to display something are asked to contact him if they wish register.

Harold, VE3DWH Announced that between 10 and 15 QCWA sponsored scholarships are to be made available this year to licensed amateurs enrolled in a university degree course. Applications for the $1000 and $750 scholarships should be in by April 1st. Those wishing to apply should contact Harold as soon as possible.

During a recent visit to the bedside of Fred Hammond, hams once again had the opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills. Fred, who continues to improve after his recent stroke, was serenaded by Rocco, VE3YJ on his guitar. Harold informed the members that Fred had enjoyed himself thoroughly and expressed the wish that he would be up to attending a QCWA meeting in the not so distant future.

Ron, VE3DBD gave an update on the Ham course scheduled to start February 10th. So far nine people have registered to take part.

The Packet meeting is scheduled for its usual Tuesday slot. Larry, VE3LGN reported that Gord’s (VE3EOS) 2m antenna project is well under way.

The much coveted 50/50 draw was won by the aforementioned Gord VE3EOS who walked away with a grand prize totaling $21.75. This draw was unusual in that a second prize, consisting of a CD rack, was offered. The winning ticket for the second prize was Alan, VE3SWU.

Paul closed the meeting at 8:45pm

John VE3VRA, Secretary

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