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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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Mar 9th Executive Committee Meeting
In attendance:
Paul, VE3SY, Ben VA3BNY, Bill VE3WFR, Robert VE3ZLV, Gord VE3EOS, Greg VE3NXB, John VE3VRA.

Topics for discussion

- Cost of the Bulletin to members
- Red Cross
- Club Information Package
- Speaker Lineup
- Technical Committee Report
- VE3IC Contest information
- W.Ross McDonald School

Cost of the Bulletin to members
Discussion continued as to whether individuals prepared to take the Kilowatter from the KWARC website should be charged for postage which is currently built into the membership fee.

Paul VE3SY proposed a motion that there should be a reduction in the club membership fee for those individuals who take their club bulletin from the website. The motion was seconded by Gord, VE3EOS.

After some further discussion Gord proposed an amendment to the original motion in which the club fee would, in future, be itemized to allow a choice to the membership. The choice available would be to either receive the club bulletin or choose not to receive it. Members in possession of a standard individual membership would see their annual fee reduced from $25 to $20 if they elected not to receive the Kilowatter by mail.

In order to accommodate those members who have already paid their subscription it was suggested they be reimbursed by having their membership renewal date advanced a month. In other words, receive one month’s free membership. It was suggested the plan be implemented as of July 1st, which corresponds to the start of the fiscal year.

The amendment was seconded by Bill, VE3WFR and passed by a unanimous show of hands.

Red Cross
ARES Emergency Co-ordinator, Robert Gissing VE3ZLV informed board members that he had recently met with Judy (Name not supplied) Area Red Cross Emergency Co-ordinator. Over lunch Robert presented Judy with copy of a memorandum of understanding that explains the relationship between RAC and the Red Cross.

Action: Robert to inform Judy of the club’s plan to reimburse Red Cross $100 to cover the cost of their payment of the RCK repeater licensing fee.

Robert also made contact with Mary Verbeek, Emergency Planning Co-ordinator for the region. Robert expressed his desire to file an ARES deployment plan with RAC and the Regional Government.

Action: Robert to formulate a plan that will be submitted to the membership for review . Scheduled date for the presentation to be the May 3. meeting

Also from ARES…

VE3ZLV passed on a message from John VE3DOS who indicated that the Regional Emergency coordinator wishes to have antennas, recently removed from various regional facilities, be installed at the regional evacuation sites

Action: Robert ZLV to locate these antennas and have someone from tech committee judge their suitability.

First Time Members Binder
Paul VE3SY informed the board that he had recently been contacted by a new member who had requested information about club resources, namely ULR and Patch information. Paul remarked that no such packaged resource was in existence. The possibility of a club handbook was discussed. Several suggestions were put forward regarding its content. These included ULR information, area repeater frequencies and patch codes, PUG and ARES information, useful Web links, membership list. etc. The idea of using the club QSL card as a cover received approval from all present.

Concern was expressed regarding the cost of producing the handbook and whether it would be of interest to existing members. It was suggested that the members be given the opportunity to express an interest.

Objective: To determine if existing members would be interested in purchasing a Club Information Binder at an estimated cost of between $2 - $3 a copy.

Action: Paul Cassel
A sign up sheet will be made available at the next club meeting to allow members to indicate their interest.

Speaker venue -

Ben VA3BNY informed the board that he had received confirmation of VE3EIN, Bob Morgan’s much awaited talk on spy radios, scheduled for the next month’s club meeting.

The May 3, talk which was to have been on the subject of home security systems may be changed, according to Ben. As an alternative Bob, VE3GLA has been approached about providing the members with a talk on his remote rig operation software that he is currently developing for MFJ.

On June 7, Club members will have a unique opportunity to hear a talk given by Brian Biggings, VE3XA. Brian recently returned from the ZL9CI DXpedition to Campbell Island.

Technical Committee –
Ben VE3BNY reported that the technical committee has recently acquired, as a result of a generous donation, a collection of mounting brackets and hardware. These components, said Ben, will be put to use at the new Mannheim repeater site.

VE3IC on the air –
During a recent HF contest, Paul VE3SY, put the club call, VE3IC on the air. Paul stated that he had contacted a total of 94 countries over the two days, almost qualifying for DXCC! Whether his success was due to the use of the rare call sign or his own operating prowess, he wouldn’t say.

Donations –
It was announced that the club had recently received a letter from the W. Ross McDonald school seeking contributions of equipment. The club will respond after a review of the situation.

A motion to adjourn was proposed by Bill, VE3WFR and seconded by Ben, VA3BNY.

The meeting closed at 9:15pm

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