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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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April 13th Executive Committee Meeting
Exec members present were Paul VE3SY, Ben VA3BNY, Dave VA3DGS, John VE3AMZ, Bob VE3ZLV, Greg VE3NXB and Gord VE3NQK

Bob VE3ZLV passed out copies of a draft of his KWARC ARES Deployment Document. The purpose of his document is to describe how the ARES group is called into service in the event of an emergency.

The document was well received, but Bob is looking for any helpful sugestions for improvement before completing his work.

Bob plans to invite a director of the Canadian Red Cross to visit a future radio club meeting to see who we are and how we conduct our affairs. We also agreed to pay for the VE3RCK radio licence from now on.

A plan is underway to have an ARES net on the VE3KSR repeater Wednesday evenings.

2. Membership fee changes
The new structure was reviewed by Paul and Greg suggested that a chart or something similar be presented to the membership in the bulletin to help clarify the "unbundling" process that created the new fee structure.

Greg also stated that some members are not aware of their membership expiry dates and renew well before expiry. As a result we have a number of members that are "paid-up" into the year 2001 and beyond. This may cause a revenue anomaly in the future.

3. COARF Fleamarket
Paul VE3SY reported that very little correspondence has been received from Bill VE3WHS regarding the status and planning for the upcoming Fleamarket on June 12. So far there have been no meetings between the reps of the two supporting radio clubs. So far we are assuming the KWARC responsibilities are the same as last year like parking, door prizes and talk-in.

4. Cuban assistance effort
Gord VE3NQK reported that there have been some changes between our group and the university radio club in Santiago. Communication is a problem and we hope to get information on the status of the 75 meter transceiver that was donated to a new young ham that recently acquired his ticket. Apparently this item is still held in customs.

5. VE3IC club station
Paul and Gord presented the activities of the radio club station call VE3IC. The costs to send QSL cards to the stations worked recently were reviewed and Paul presented a motion to budget $100 to the QSL card manager Gord for this activity over the next year. Seconded by Greg. Carried.

6. Technical Committee
Chairman John reported on the status of the new 6 meter repeater set up for experimental use at the VE3KSR site on Baden Hill. So far many hams have been using this machine which has a wide area coverage and is considered for a possible link to another 6 meter machine in the future. Ben VA3BNY and Tedd VE3TJD have been working on this new venture.

A decision was made to the technical committee to list equipment, dollar value, and site location for all the equipment that the club has in use for repeaters, packet and club stations.

John VE3AMZ reported that a professional rigger has agreed to do the work to install the new hard line and antenna at the VE3KSR repeater site within two weeks. Greg will forward a cheque for $200 to John to cover most of the labour to complete this installation.

7. Program matters
Program chair Ben presented a motion to provide the program manager with a means to provide club meeting visiting lecturers with a complementary meal, refreshments and possibly a gasoline voucher to pay transportation expenses when traveling a distance to attend. Gasoline gift certificates were suggested by Paul. This would appropriately recognize the visiting lecturer/presenter for their contribution.

John moved that the program manager have a budget of $200 to facilitate this action as required. Seconded by Paul. Carried.

Meeting closed

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