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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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May17th Executive Committee Meeting
Exec members present: Paul, VE3SY, Dave VA3DGS, Bob VA3MCK. Dave VE3MRJ, Larry VE3LGN, Greg VE3NXB, John VE3VRA.

Paul called the meeting to order at 7:35pm.

  • Topics for discussion
  • Welcome to new nominees
  • Unfilled positions
  • Packet report
  • Meeting booking problems
  • Member’s package
  • August executive meeting
  • General discussion

Welcome to the new nominees

Paul extended a welcome to Dave VE3MRJ and Bob VA3MCK, nominees for Presidential and Vice Presidential positions. He thanked them for putting forward their names and gave some explanation regarding the duties assigned to both posts.

Unfilled positions

Paul informed the committee that the CANWARN Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Club Historian and Official Greeter positions were still open.

Action: Bob VA3MCK volunteered to try and locate someone to fill the posts of Official Greeter and an additional person to take responsibility for the 50/50 draw.

Packet Report

Dave VA3DGS, speaking on behalf of the Packet Users Group (PUG) informed those present that PUG had accumulated a balance of some $900. Several ideas had been proposed for the use of the money. Among the most popular were the acquisition of an APRS compatible weather station and the purchase of the VE3IXY digipeater equipment from Tedd Dodda. Dave explained the value of the weather station and how it would benefit area hams. It was recommended the equipment, produced by a New Jersey manufacturer, be purchased with additional options. These options would include an outdoor humidity sensor and a heated rain gauge and wind speed indicator. Dave made a request that KWARC donate the balance of the cost that is anticipated to be somewhere between $400 and $500.

Dave, VE3MRJ proposed a motion that KWARC donates to the PUG group an amount not to exceed $500. The motion, seconded by Bob VA3MCK, carried unanimously.

Meeting advance bookings

Paul mentioned that he was disappointed that the City of Waterloo has a bad record when it comes to honoring advance booking. On several occasions it has bumped KWARC’s regular first Monday of the month spot in favour of another organization. Paul explained that this happens mainly during the month of December. Alternative meeting places were suggested but it was generally agreed that the present location at the 404 headquarters is very suitable. It was agreed that the city administration should be approached on the subject.

Member’s Package

Paul apologized for the delay in the production of the proposed member’s package. He explained he is missing the ULR data.

Action: Paul to contact Ben, VA3BNY with respect to obtaining this information.

August executive meeting

The next executive meeting is to be held on Sunday, August 8th. Location for the meeting is to be announced. It was determined that there was no immediate necessity for a meeting in June.

General discussion

Among items discussed informally was the problem of encouraging newly licensed hams to upgrade. Ways were suggested in which new hams could get a hands-on feel for HF operation by visiting the shacks of established operators. Paul mentioned that he had discovered a loophole in the regulations that might allow hams with basic licenses to work cross-band HF on 10 meters. He is waiting confirmation from Industry Canada.

John VE3VRA proposed a motion to adjourn the meeting. Paul, VE3SY seconded the motion.

The meeting closed at 9:30pm.


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