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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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Sept 14th Executive Committee Meeting
In attendance:
Dave VA3MRJ, Bob VA3MCK, Dave VA3DGS, John VE3AMZ, Ed VE3TCK, Ben VA3BNY, John VE3DOS, John VE3VRA. President Dave called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Minutes of the last executive meeting
A motion to accept the meeting minutes of the August 9th executive meeting was proposed by Bob VA3MCK and seconded by Dave VA3MRJ. All voted in favour.

Club equipment
It was agreed that there was some confusion regarding the ownership and location of various items of equipment belonging to the club. It was reported that Dave Knight is currently looking after the club’s HF rig. Dave VA3DGS told the committee that there was a database containing an inventory of equipment, but according to his recollection it contained only half a dozen items. John, VE3AMZ said that most of the clubs equipment is accounted for and in use at the various repeater locations.

It was decided to review this subject at the October meeting and also put together a policy for the loan of equipment to club members.

Club Station
There was some discussion regarding the establishment of a permanent club station. It was thought that such a facility would benefit amateurs, especially retirees, who because of their circumstances are unable to operate a station from their homes. Several locations were suggested, including the old age centre on King Street East. John VE3AMZ said that it might prove difficult finding someone willing to take responsibility for maintaining the station. It was determined that the situation be reviewed at the October meeting.

Newsletter Editor
Dave VA3MRJ confirmed that ex-president, Paul Cassel is no longer willing to edit the "Kilowatter" bulletin. However, he went on to say that someone (Name and callsign to be supplied) had volunteered to take on the job.

Gift of appreciation to Tedd Doda
The committee unanimously passed a motion to offer Tedd Doda a monetary token of appreciation in recognition of all the work he has done for the club over the years. During a recent storm, some of Tedd’s personal equipment suffered lightening damage. After some discussion John, VE3AMZ tabled the following motion: "That the club give a gift of $200 cash to Tedd Doda in appreciation of services rendered. Dave, VA3MRJ seconded the motion.

Purchase of equipment owned by Tedd
Dave VA3MRJ explained that much of the equipment utilized for club purposes is the personal property of Tedd Doda. To better protect his equipment against damage, KWARC has volunteered to purchase Tedd’s equipment for a token fee of $1. The equipment will then fall automatically within the protection of the club’s insurance policy. Tedd will retain first refusal with respect to buy-back of the equipment.

Technical committee report
Speaking on behalf of the Technical Committee, John VE3AMZ said that the committee will submit a list of recommended changes following the inspection of the VE3KSR antenna on September 25th.

Canwarn report
Ed, VE3TCK repeated his need for an Emergency coordinator. In addition he is seeking to increase the number of personal pagers to six. Presently there are only three held by VE3DOS, VE3OFF and VE3WLL.

Ed recommended the club purchase a trailer to be used by ARES as a communications centre. In addition to being useful during emergencies, he pointed out, the vehicle would prove useful at bike rallies and other public events.

Dave VA3MRJ remembered that the Grand River Rotary Club had a small trailer, now rarely used, and suggested the club might approach them with a view to purchasing it. A van was discussed as an alternative but it was felt to be too costly.

Dave VA3MRJ asked Ed to put together a proposal detailing the equipment needed and the approximate cost. This proposal is to be presented at the October meeting.

Club visibility
The idea of a club trailer kindled a great deal of discussion regarding the club’s visibility in the community. It was suggested by Dave VA3MRJ that the club could prepare a document describing the club, its activities and listing its key members. This document could then be distributed among local organizations, police etc.

Ham course
At the last meeting a question was asked about this year’s ham course. It was said that traditionally the course was held in late January. It was agreed to start promoting the course in October. Dave VA3MRJ recommended that the course organizer, Ron VE3DBD be invited to attend the next executive meeting to discuss the details. Previous to the last course, Marg VE3BLJ had acted as a contact person for those wishing to participate. Dave said that he would approach her and ask if she might do so again.

Club response to bereavement
A formal response to the death a club member was discussed. Bob VA3MCK proposed the following motion. Upon the death of one its members, the club will donate $25 to the Brantford CNIB Ham Radio Group. In the case of a special member the donation of a larger sum would be at the discretion of the executive. In the event of the death of the member’s spouse a sympathy card will be sent to the deceased member’s family. The motion was seconded by Dave VA3MRJ.

Name tags
Currently no nametags are distributed at club meetings. Many members wishing to display their names or calls wear tags purchased at their own expense. Inquiries to several manufacturers revealed prices ranging from $5 to $7 with an additional sum for the club logo. After some discussion Dave VA3MRJ tabled the motion, that: The club will not proceed with the purchase of formal nametags but will instead use paper tags. The motion was seconded by John VE3AMZ and passed unanimously. Bob to talk to Hugh regarding the purchase of stick-on "Hello I’m _ _ _" tags.

Dave VA3DGS received a call from Marg VE3BLJ requesting direction regarding her previous role as refreshment organizer. Dave VA3MRJ said that he would call and ask formally if she would consider taking on the job for this year. The question also arose about the 50/50 draw. This was a job that was traditionally performed by Marg. Dave VA3MRJ suggested that the ticket seller has an ideal opportunity to get to meet other members. He recommended spreading the responsibility among members at large rather than a single individual.

Members list
Bob VA3MCK asked about the availability of a members list. Dave VA3DGS said that this list is available to members on a restricted basis as the database contains information that some might want divulged.

Dwindling attendance after speaker
John VE3AMZ noted that significant proportion of members leave after the guest speaker, and before the business meeting. Several suggestions were put forward including: changing the order of the agenda, restricting the time taken by the business meeting and placing the 50/50 draw after the business meeting. Dave VA3MRJ made the suggestion that each meeting, after the break, the Technical Committee could present a short feature (No greater than 2 minutes) that could be called "Technical Tips". John VE3AMZ agreed coordinate the presentations.

Patch code changes
Ben VA3BNY brought up the issue of patch code changes. John VE3AMZ said that the change traditionally takes effect on the night of the November meeting. A code was selected but Ben said he wished to confirm the choice with other clubs in the area before the change was implemented.

The club’s Christmas exchange evening is scheduled for the December 13th meeting. It was agreed that the Transylvania club remains the best choice for the Christmas lunch. Other locations were discussed but were rejected on the basis of excessive cost or poor accessibility. The lunch is scheduled for Friday, December 17th.

Ben VA3BNY proposed a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dave VA3DGS seconded the motion. The meeting closed at 9:20pm

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