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Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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Minutes of Meeting held October 4, 1999.

Dave Johnson ( VE3MRJ ) welcomes all using an antique carbon microphone .

Ben ( VA3BNY ) starts off the self-introductions of members and guests presents by passing out the remote mic.

Upon completion of the self-intros , Ben makes the formal introduction of our guest speaker , Bill Graham ( VE3ETK ).

Bill gives his talk on early microphone technology including ( but not limited to) the following topics :

  • The invention of the microphone
  • Various audio clips from old broadcasts using specific models of mic are played
  • The different types of microphone construction are described including ; carbon , condenser , dynamic ,ribbon ,crystal , ceramic , reluctance , electret , boom clip-on and noise cancelling
  • The frequency and pick-up pattern for each are mentioned

Ben thanks Bill and presents him with a certificate of appreciation for his excellent talk.

Dave announces coffee break


Dave introduces John ( VE3AMZ ) to give a 2 minute tech tip.

John informs us that pictures from the recent work done to the KSR site ( antenna replacement ) are available for viewing.

John demonstrates the correct tools and technique for wire stripping . Crimping tools and methods are also mentioned .

Dave introduces Paul ( VE3SY ) Paul informs us that the KWARC and RAC websites now can show what privileges a particular ham has . We are encouraged to check our own for accuracy in the database.

Dave mentions that copies of current bulletin ( to take ) and the club QSL book ( to view ) are available at the front desk. Introduces Robert the club ARES co-ordinator .

Robert tells us of the upcoming meeting with the Red Cross and ambulance people . Volunteers are needed for New Year’s Eve to be on stand-by from 6 -10 p.m. .If they are called out , replacements will try to be found to cover time up til 2 a.m.

Dave introduces Ed Spike ( VE3TCK ) Ed says Canwarn is looking for a local co-ordinator

Also VE3FFJ looking for 4 hams to provide communication for parade ( start 4:45p.m.) with offer of a free beer after !

Dave introduces Ed ( VE3GM ) Ed tells us of code practice available through the Cambridge 2m repeater ( 146.79 ) nightly Monday thru Friday 7 p.m. .

Dave introduces Linda ( VE3LWH ) Linda tells us of the scout jamboree on the air for which she needs operators . Bands used will be 80,40,20,and two 2m stations with packet , voice and cw overall .A QSL card also needs to be designed for this event .Date : October 16th 2-8 p.m. at Scout House on Frederick . Set-up time around 11 a.m. .

Dave introduces Harold ( VE3DWH ) Harold informs us of the QCWA meeting coming up . Also a new location for the Hammond museum has been opened . See Noreen at the Edinburgh plant for access . Note that Fred Hammond ( VE3HC ) has recently had surgery and is at Guelph General but no visitors permitted at present .

Dave tells us that the "coffee ladies" are retiring and a replacement is needed . Let Mary or Marg know if you would like to take over this position . No replacement means no coffee !!!

50-50 draw held with Bill ( VE3ETK ) drawing Linda ( VE3LWH ) winning $22.75

John ( VE3AMZ) mentions that there is a group of microphone ‘fanatics’ on 14.178 between 7-9 p.m. who are very keen on perfecting their microphone technology .

Larry announces the packet meeting tomorrow night 7 p.m. . Remember to continue to collect Zehrs tapes and give them to Mary to help fund the packet group .

Gerry ( VE3DYY ) informs us of the Canwarn website based out of Shelbourne

Ben ( VA3BNY ) informs us of the Christmas dinner at the Transylvainia club this year on December 17th . Tickets to be available at next months meeting . Cost will be around 12 dollars . Tedd ( VE3TJD ) is helping to organize this event

Dave adjourns meeting
Gary VE3JGK for VE3VRA

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