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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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Minutes of Executive meeting, Oct 12, 1999
In attendance:
Dave VE3MRJ, Bob VA3MCK, Dave VA3DGS, John VE3AMZ, Ben VE3BNY, Linda VA3LWH, John VE3VRA

Dave called the meeting to order at 7:35pm.

Minutes of the last executive meeting
A motion to accept the meeting minutes of the September executive meeting was proposed by Ben VA3BNY and seconded by John VE3AMZ. All voted in favour.

Treasurer’s report
Dave VA3DGS informed the board that the current financial details are posted on the KWARC website. The closing balance is $3822.98 which does not include the GIC. A motion to accept the report was proposed by Dave, VA3MRJ and seconded by John, VE3AMZ.

VE3IC callsign use
To avoid confusion and the possibility of license infringement Bob, VA3MCK proposed the motion that: The club QSL manager be charged with controlling the use of the club call, VE3IC under the authority of the board. Prospective users will be required to submit proposed operating times and frequencies to the QSL manager ahead of time. Dave, VA3DGS seconded the motion.

Scout Jamboree
Linda VA3LWH attended the executive meeting with the intention of securing financial support for the scout jamboree to be held later this month. Linda was seeking assistance for the following items.

  1. The cost of printing a special event QSL card bearing the club callsign VE3IC; to be used exclusively during the scout jamboree.
  2. Postal charges incurred as a result of mailing International QSL cards.
  3. Lamination of exhibits to be on show at the jamboree.
  4. Refreshments for the club’s volunteer operators.

Dave, VE3MRJ tabled a motion to authorize a donation of $150 toward the Scout Jamboree. John, VE3AMZ, seconded the motion.

Bob, VA3MCK made a motion that the club callsign be allocated to the Scout Jamboree over the period of its operation (15th and 16th of October). Ben, VA3BNY, seconded the proposal.

Club equipment
Following a discussion, John VE3AMZ (possibly assisted by Tedd VA3TJD) agreed to assemble a list of known items of equipment belonging to the club. The majority of this equipment is located at the various repeater sites. John is to report back to the board with the findings.

Club Station
Further to last month’s discussion regarding a club station it was decided to test the feasibility of a club station by putting it to the membership. A survey, to determine the level of interest, is to be included in the next Bulletin and on the KWARC website. Suggestions were made regarding survey questions, including: "Would you assist in setting up and maintaining station equipment?" It was thought that there would have to be at least 10 to 12 people to justify a permanent station.

Purchase of equipment owned by Tedd and insurance policy
Dave VA3MRJ read to the board a draft bill of sale he had put together based upon a list of equipment he had received from Tedd VA3TJD. While reviewing the club’s insurance policy it was noted that the Manneheim site, which houses most of the club’s equipment, did not appear to be covered. Ben VA3BNY said he would approach Marg, VE3BLJ and ask her to amend the policy to include that location.

Ham course
Dave VA3MRJ told the board that Marg had volunteered to act as liaison for those wishing to enroll in next year’s ham course. Ron, VE3DBD who was unable to attend this session will be invited to discuss plans for the next course at the executive meeting in November.

Technical committee report
John VE3AMZ reported that the KSR antenna and feed had been changed and was working very well. Bob VA3MCK proposed a motion to acknowledge the club’s appreciation of all the work done by the technical committee. Dave VA3MRJ seconded the motion. Dave is also to write a letter of appreciation addressed to Terry Taylor VE3NEJ for his many contributions, past and present.

Patch code changes
Ben VA3BNY informed the executive that he has had no response yet from either the Brantford or Simcoe groups whether they wish to continue the reciprocal arrangement shared with KWARC. Ben said he would continue trying.

Bob VA3MCK proposed a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ben VA3BNY seconded. The meeting closed at 9:15pm.

John VE3VRA, Secretary

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