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Executive Commitee Minutes
by John Holmans

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Minutes of Executive meeting, Nov 9, 1999
In attendance at CLARICA:
Dave VE3MRJ, Paul VE3SY, Dave VA3DGS, Larry VE3LGN, Ben VE3BNY, Ron VE3DBD, John VE3VRA.

Dave called the meeting to order at 7:35pm.

Club Station
Visitor Ron Gimbal, VE3DBD put forward a suggestion that he thought might resolve the current problem of locating a club station. Ron’s suggestion was to install a remote base station that could be operated around the clock via any computer equipped with a modem. The unit he had investigated ran 100W on all HF bands. The cost for such a station would be somewhere in the region of $4500 Cdn. Paul pointed out that the cost of a remote assembly used to operate the system might be prohibitive. He suggested looking at alternative manufacturers, such as Ten-Tec. It was agreed to further investigate this idea.

Ham Course
To better promote the beginner’s course it was decided to stage a special "Introduction to Amateur Radio" presentation at February’s club meeting. Speculating on the interest this event would generate, it was decided to delay the beginners ham course by approximately one month. The starting date for the course will now be February 14th. A plan was also developed to advertise the course in the hope of attracting more people. Paul made a motion that the club allocates $300 to fund advertisements in several local newspapers. Dave, VA3MRJ, seconded the motion.

Larry, spoke about the activities of the packet club and recommended that packet radio be represented during the February’s, "Introduction to Amateur Radio" night.

Larry announced he was seeking a volunteer to assist in coordinating the firing of the salute at the Remembrance Day celebration.

Treasurer’s report
Dave, VA3DGS informed the board he had recently received a letter from the CNIB seeking donations for their blind ham program. Dave made a motion that the club donate $100 toward the fund. Paul seconded the motion. Dave said he would write them a letter.

A letter was also received from the City of Waterloo announcing a meeting on November 24th to discuss rent rates for community facilities. Dave anticipates no significant change, if any. The meeting is to be held in the "Owl room" at 125 King Street.

Also in receipt: a renewal notice from Zehr Insurance. Dave noted that the premium remains unchanged from last year at $718.20 including tax. He also pointed out that he could not find any reference to an address change. (See Executive minutes for October 12, 1999). Dave said he was seeking authorization to approve and sign for the amount.

The present bank balance stands at $3,965.00 plus the GIC.

Technical committee
Dave VA3MRJ asked Ben VA3BNY, representing the Technical committee, to assemble a list of recommendations aimed at upgrading and improving the club’s equipment.

January meeting
Ben said he was trying to arrange to have Carl VA3BY as January’s guest speaker. The subject of his address would be his recent DX-pedition to James Bay.

Dave, VA3MRJ adjourned the meeting at 9:35pm.

John VE3VRA, Secretary

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