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Meeting Minutes
by John Holmans

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Minutes of Meeting held December 13, 1999.
Members and their guests, arriving for the meeting, were greeted by the sounds of the four piece “Hamband”. At 7:40 p.m, Dave VA3MRJ opened the meeting. Sixty-two persons were in attendance. After introductions Dave invited members to make the following announcements.

 Ben, VA3BNY reminded members of the club’s Christmas luncheon to be held Friday 17th at the Transylvania club. He said that tickets were still available for purchase.

Ben also informed the audience that the guest speaker at January’s meeting will be past president, Paul Cassel VE3SY. Paul will be talking about digitalization techniques and will be providing an on-line guided tour of the club website.

  Ron, VE3DBD announced that the beginner’s classes are scheduled to begin in February. However, at this time he reported he had still to find a suitable location. Ron distributed brochures advertising the course and asked members to post them in prominent locations so as to attract more interest.

Responding to a question from Tedd, VE3TJD, Ron said that there were currently no plans to introduce an Advanced course for those amateurs wishing to upgrade. A show of hands revealed approximately half a dozen people interested in participating in such a course.

  Marg, VE3BLJ informed members that unless volunteers come forward, starting January, meetings will be caffeine-free. Dave, VA3MRJ appealed for a person, or persons, to take on the job.

  Gerry, VE3DYY told members that the VE3RBM repeater is currently off the air for repairs.

  John, VE3DOS reported no ARES representative is presently incumbent in Grey County. Mount Forest OPP are looking for an amateur radio operator to provide HF communications for Y2K.

 According to Tedd VE3TJD, the 442.2Mhz repeater is now operating with phone patch. Access tone for the repeater is 131.8Hz.

 At 7:55 Dave, VA3MRJ adjourned the meeting and wished everyone seasons greetings. Dave invited all to partake of the food generously provided by members and to checkout the various swap and trade items that were on display at the back of the hall. 

The 50/50 draw, valued at $36.00, was won by Ben, VA3BNY

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