Medium Wave DXing

The Medium Wave (MW) band better known as the AM Broadcast Band (BCB) is the band from 530 to 1600 kHz. and currently being extended to 1700. This is the band used for local stations and the programming is generally intended for a local audience. AM broadcast stations typically have a daytime range of from 80 to 250 kilometres (50 to 150 miles). But some stations can be heard much farther away even in the daytime during the winter months. But at night this range extends considerably farther and you can hear stations 1000 or more kilometres distant.

Listening to MW you will hear stations that have similar programming to local AM stations in your neighbourhood. In the Toronto area you will hear News/Talk stations, Sports/Talk or Country and Western (C&W) music stations. These are very popular formats for MW AM stations throughout North America. But when you start DXing you will hear C&W direct from WSM in Nashville, sports from the FAN (WFAN) in New York, or News/Talk from WGN in Chicago. As your listening continues you may hear stations that specialize in nostalgia, oldies, gospel, business, or ethnics.

In the section How to Get Started you will see that anyone can easily begin to DX Medium Wave stations. All you need is an AM radio and a little know how which we will provide here on these pages. Then start listening and catch the wave of MW DX.




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