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CW Beginner Course

The Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club (KWARC) is pleased to offer a CW Beginner’s Course to teach Morse code to hams and help them get on the air with CW.

WHEN: - Starting at 7:30 pm Tuesday September 17, 2019, running until Tuesday December 3, 2019, except for KWARC Club Meeting Tuesdays.

WHERE: - St John Ambulance, 250 Gage Ave, Kitchener

ELIGIBILITY: - This course is open to anyone who wants to learn Morse code, and is a KWARC member. To enable individual attention, the class size is capped at about 10 paticipants.

REGISTRATION: - email expressing your intent to enroll

COST: - FREE for KWARC members. (Normal membership is $36.)


CW is a more efficient mode than voice in terms of distance per unit of power transmitted, so it enables you to work DX more easily with 100 watts or QRP. QRP portable operations are more successful with CW – you almost feel like you are running a barefoot rig at home. CW lets you talk to non-English speakers, or those with heavy accents, more easily. Many of the most exciting contests are CW. And CW connects you to the history of telegraphy, both in radio in the first half of the twentieth century, and the original telegraphers sending telegrams over wires.


Individual paticipants’ goals may vary, but everyone will learn Morse at a level where they can pass the 5 wpm Canadian Morse Code Qualification Examination as described in Section 5.2 of Radiocommunication Information Circular 3 (RIC-3). Everyone will become comfortable with the normal content and structure of a CW QSO on the air. Individuals may attain higher code speeds and may want to go to different levels of depth on some of the following:

The instructor will be Vic DiCiccio VE3YT, with guest instructors if I have to be away for a specific Tuesday. As the instructor, I would like to help each paticipant attain as much proficiency with Morse as possible in the time available, and help each paticipant understand what they might want to do with CW and create a plan to use and improve their cw skills. My goal is to create an appreciation for CW and create more hams who are proficient at CW on the air.

Ideally paticipants are willing to dedicate 15 to 30 minutes per day to self-study. Through the careful choice of tools and a self-study program, we will work together to overcome common problems such as memorization of dots and dashes, counting dits and dahs, and lack of confidence when sending.

STARTING DATE: Tuesday September 17, 2019

PLACE: St. John Ambulance Facility, 250 Gage Avenue, Kitchener

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