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It's that time of year - time to renew your KWARC membership! Enter your callsign under the purple KWARC Roster box above, and if yours says it is about to expire (top-right), follow the simple Membership Renewal instructions.

SEPTEMBER MEETING - Meetings begin again in September. At our next meeting, we'll have a live demonstration by several of our club members of portable operations. Please mark Tuesday, September 5th in your calendar.

Our main meetings are still being held on the first Tuesday of each month, 19:00 for 19:30 (local), held jointly in person at 250 Gage Ave, Kitchener, N2M 2C8, and on Zoom. All welcome!

KWARC will continue hosting a 2 meter net on club repeater back on VE3RCK each Tuesday evening at 19:00 to provide a opportunity for members to keep in touch. Come join us on VE3RCK repeater 146.865 -ve offset PL tone 131.8, And say hello for a evening of staying in touch with fellow KWARC members.

Various members will handle net control, but we are looking for volunteers to also take up this opportunity. A fun way to learn how to handle future nets!
Please email if you would like to volunteer to control a future net.

Cambridge Club Wednesday Net KWARC was sad to learn that the Cambridge club facilities suffered some vandalism and damage, which has taken their repeater off the air. They have requested to use one of KWARC's 2 meter repeaters for their Wednesday net, and we are happy to oblige! The Cambridge club net will be held on Wednesday, starting at 7:30pm, likely on the VE3RCK repeater (146.865, negative offset, 131.8 PL tone). All are welcome to check in.

The KWARC Weekly Ragchew takes place on club repeater VE3KSR (146.970 -ve offset, tone 131.8), each Thursday evening from 19:00 to 20:30. This is not a net, and there is no net control, but club members are encouraged to call CQ during this time, just to see who answers.

slack chat,
members only,
Contact the secretary

for an invite.
Club light that was shown at several club meetings. If you are interested in learning more or ordering one for your shack, you can get them from We are grateful that the one for the Club (with our new logo) was provided at no cost courtesy of Art by Selina (705 331-8473)