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KWARC now supports on-line membership application and renewals thus living up to it's former PROGRESSIVE Radio Club name.   Our membership database has been integrated into this web site.

Why Should I Join or Renew?

The dues and Kilowatter fees, set by the Directors, effective January 1, 2015, are as follows: 

KWARC Membership Dues

Full membership $36.00
Students/Handicapped/Disabled membership $24.00
Printed and Mailed Kilowatter $25.00


  • Any renewal of memberships expiring between January 1, 2015 and August 31, 2015, will be calculated based on a monthly rate for the balance of months remaining to the end of August 2015. Any renewal, new or rejoining member will pay $3.00 per month for the balance of the club year up to the end of August 2015 from the time of joining or renewal. If a mailed newsletter is required, please add $2.50 per month for the period up to the end of June.

  • Please CLICK HERE to open a page showing pro-rated renewal rates.

  • Effective September 1, 2015, all memberships will be dated to start and finish coinciding with the club year-September 1 to August 31.

  • Please use the form below if you are a new or rejoining member. Renewals made after January 1, 2015, may also use the form below.

  • To get started please pull down the application type and make your selection.

 Thank You

Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 24012,
RPO West Highland
Kitchener, ON
N2M 5P1

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Bulletin Delivery

Mailed version adds $25.00/yr
Full membership at = $36.00 
Student, Handicapped, Disabled = $24.00
The  mailed version of the Kilowatter is now unbundled from the membership.
Printed & mailed Kilowatter $25.00 
(free from web)


The KWARC membership database is searchable  online. May we make your information accessible in this way?


Are you a member of RAC?

Questions or comments welcome:

Please mail your cheque to:
Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 24012,
RPO West Highland
Kitchener, ON
N2M 5P1

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Excellent Value

KWARC has presented top class speakers who have brought informative sessions from all areas of our hobby. Your Program Director will continue to strive at maintaining the same high calibre line-ups during the year. 

KWARC delivers a quality publication on-time each month. This challenge has been met and will continue to be a priority. 


  • KWARC continues to invest in improvements our VHF/UHF antenna facilities on the CKCO tower at Baden , and at the Mannheim location.  This work has improved the coverage of VE3KSR, and the other repeaters.  Your support is appreciated as it helps maintain the financial reserves for this type of work. 

  • KWARC provides its members 5 voice repeaters.

  • KWARC also operates a node on the Internet Repeater Linking Project (IRLP) that connects VE3RBM to other repeaters around the world.  This service is only available to KWARC members.


KWARC now has a full time link to the world-wide IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project).  This service is available via our VE3RBM UHF repeater on 444.875 with PL of 131.8.  IRLP allows members to interconnect VE3RBM with over 150 repeaters around the world. More information at www.kwarc.org/irlp/ 

Each January KWARC hosts a beginners class providing a teaching environment to anyone wishing to become a Radio Amateur. Our pass rate has averaged over 80%. demonstrating the calibre of instruction from our dedicated instructors. 

KWARC has participated in the annual Field Day competition and exercise. Sponsored by the American Radio Relay league, this contest tests the emergency preparedness of our club as we set up and operate for 24 hours under emergency conditions. 

On the first day of KWARCs 75th year (Sept 96) , we entered Cyberspace with the inauguration of the KWARC web site. This addition to KWARC web pages  has been visited over 1 million times by amateurs and interested parties around the world. We would be amiss if we did not thank Don Sinclair VE3ICD for his generosity and support at hosting the club's web site through his company, K-W Information Gateway Services

Now that you have been reminded of the value you receive for your annual membership, how about completing our on-line membership form. 

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