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Welcome to the Interactive
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The ham radio virtual fleamarket on the Web!

Welcome! You're probably here because you're interested in buying or selling some good used ham radio gear. Before you think about letting go of your hard earned money, please educate yourself about online fraud. You can start with my Online SwapShop Safety Tips and there are some more links to follow there. Have fun but be safe!

To perform a search of the database of items, placing restrictions by callsign area or any of the other free-text fields, use the advanced search function.

Otherwise, to get a full dump of the items listed within the last 7 or 30 days, use one of the following 'Quick Browse' buttons.

Quick Browse
    You do not need to register
     to browse the listings.

If you are looking for something or just to browse, you can:

  • search the inventory of items for sale
  • add a 'wanted' listing to a table you have already registered here
  • set up a new table to register and list the want on it.

If you have something to sell, you can:

  • check the list of wants to see if someone is waiting just for you
  • add a 'for sale' listing to a table you have already registered here
  • set up a new table to register and list the item on it.

Use this link to update listings on your table. If you've sold or found something you listed, everyone would appreciate it if you remove the stale listing from your table.

Disclaimer: KWARC and IGS assume no liability for the value, condition, delivery or payment of goods or services bought or sold through this service.

By continuing to use this service, you agree to abide by its terms of service as may be listed on various pages and updated from time to time.

Suggestions and comments to: swapshop at kwarc dot org

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