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Amateur Radio Classes



The beginner's class will be a combined classroom program and an internet self-study course.

The course is free to club members. The cost of a membership is $25.00. This membership extends to the end of August the following year.

The classroom program consists of an introduction to amateur radio, meet the instructors, introduction to self-study, and a discussion of a time-table on the first night. On subsequent nights there are various hands-on demonstrations, a presentation by the Club Examiner, and a pretest, and finally an Industry Canada Examination conducted by the Club Examiner.

There are five meetings of all students with the club instructors, held at the St. John Ambulance Station, 250 Gage Street, Kitchener.

Optional study and reference books covering all the material for the basic qualifications are available for about $45.00 plus tax and shipping.

Our 2018 course started in March and will wind up in June. Students are still welcome to join anytime up until May 28.

Our 2019 course will start in Spring 2019, likely in March.

For more information, about either course, contact Roger, VE3RKS:


*What's Ham Radio All About Anyway
*Basic Qualification Course
*Advanced Qualification Course

Industry Canada Question Bank: you can download the question bank (updated 2017)   CLICK HERE

Starting Date: TBD
Place: St. John Ambulance Center, 250 Gage Avenue, Kitchener  

Basic Licence Qualification Course

Topics to be covered include:

*Basic Electronics
*Radio Frequency Propagation
*Antenna Systems
*Suppression of Interference
*Station Assembly
*Operational Procedures
*International and Canadian Regulations
*Q Codes and Emergency Signals

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Advanced Qualification Course
If adequate interest, we offer an Advanced course during which we will prepare the students to write the Industry Canada Advanced Certification Exam.

Covering such topics as:

*Circuit Analysis
*Linear Amplifiers
*Modulation Techniques
*Radio Frequency Propagation
*Antenna Systems
*Test Equipment and Construction

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What's it all about anyway
Amateur Radio is a hobby. It's a hobby that deals with a wide variety of different types of communications. Everything from local voice radio conversations to voice and data conversations via satellite and even by bouncing the radio waves off the moon.

Hams have set up a world wide "internet" of sorts using wireless "packet" radio technology. This allows our computers to route mail and news between each other to almost anywhere on earth. There is a large contingent of Hams that specialize in Morse Code and voice conversations over long distances.

In fact this is where the hobby has it's roots, it's called HF or DX'ing. Other Hams use their radios to control RC models. Still others specialize in Amateur television broadcasting. Analog and digital microwave communications is becoming more and more popular too.

Remember 9-11 in NYC or the the San-Francisco Earthquake or any other catastrophic event?  After all telephone service is lost the Hams in the area are always the only available method of communicating with the outside world.

Anyway, if your interested in Hamming read some of the other screens for more details.

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