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Updated March 23, 2001

Slight, Moderate and High Risk Days

SLIGHT risk implies well organized severe thunderstorms are expected but in small numbers and or low coverage. Expect a moderate probability of between 5-29 reports of 1 inch (25mm) or larger hail, and/or 3-5 tornadoes, and/or 5-29 wind events, OR low to moderate probability of this outlook being upgraded to a moderate or high risk issued later in the day/evening.

MODERATE risk implies a greater concentration of severe thunderstorms, and in most situations, a greater magnitude of severe weather. Many weather offices will include the phrase
"some thunderstorms may be severe". Environment Canada will include "remember some severe thunderstorms produce tornadoes". This category includes a high probability of at least 30 reports of 1 inch (25mm) or larger hail, or over 30 reports that might be associated with a squall line or 6-19 tornadoes.

HIGH risk is only issued a few times per year, because of rare circumstances, almost always means a major severe weather outbreak is expected. Greater coverage of severe weather with an enhanced likelihood of extreme severe (includes the possibility of violent F4+ tornadoes or extreme convective wind events over a large area). A high probability of at least 20 tornadoes with at least two of them rated F3+, or a derecho (powerful squall-line) causing 50+ widespread wind damage events with numerous high end straight line wind (130km/h) and or structural damage reports.

Information courtesy of Storm Prediction Center (SPC)  
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