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Ontario Storm Chasers Page

For licensed hams who want to participate you will basically need a 2m rig and should attend one of the local CANWARN training session held every spring. At the training session, you will be instructed on what to look for during a severe weather event, and you will be briefed on the radio net protocol. You will also get a CANWARN map atlas so you can provide the net control station with your co-ordinates.

For others who want to listen to CANWARN radio operations, you will need a scanner that is capable of tuning the 144-148 MHz VHF ham band. Ideally, your scanner should also be able to cover the 440-450 MHz UHF ham band. Scanners are available at a number of radio shops (e.g. Radioworld in Toronto, or any Radio Shack store).

In the Toronto area, listen to VE3ULR on 442.025. This is the HUB of the CANWARN system for South Central Ontario, operating out of the Toronto Weather Office. Listen for the "CANWARN Net Control" Station with the callsign VE3YZW. 442.025 is located near Uxbridge, northeast of Toronto so you may not be able to hear it depending on your location. Also, remember, it will only be active with CANWARN traffic if a severe weather event exists. The Toronto CANWARN office uses the following frequencies in Central Ontario which can be linked using the 442.025 frequency:

  • VE3LSR 146.85 Orillia,
  • VE3RPL 145.49 Parry Sound,
  • VA3ROG 145.37 Collingwood,
  • VE3TTB 145.19 Barrie,
  • VE3UGB 146.91 Midland,
  • VE3ZAP 146.685 Shelburne.
  • VE3LNZ 147.195 Lindsay.
  • VA3MIN 145.210 Minden.
  • VE3CTV 145.370 Greater Toronto Area (Sometimes linked to the ULR hub)
  • VE3TTR 224.980 Greater Toronto Area (Sometimes linked to the ULR hub)

Other Ontario CANWARN Groups:

Huron Shores CANWARN:

  • VE3TIV 146.61 Kincardine
  • VE3PER 146.82 Port Elgin
  • VA3CRV 147.165 Paisley
  • VE3XTX 146.73 Owen Sound

Manitoulin Island:

  • VE3RMI 147.27 Little Current
  • VE3RQQ 444.3 Little Current
  • VE3LTR 146.67 Mindemoya

South Western Ontario:

  • Sarnia: VE3SAR 145.370 PL123.0hz
  • Chatham-Kent County: VE3KCR 147.120 (Located east of Chatham; controlled by Windsor)
  • Windsor/Essex County: VE3III 147.060 (Located in McGregor)
  • Windsor/Essex County: VE3WIN 147.000 PL118.8hz (Located in Windsor)
  • London: VE3OME 145.450
  • Kitchener: VE3KSR 146.970
  • Brantford: VE3TCR 147.150
  • Hamilton: VE3NCF 146.760

Niagara Region:

  • VE3RAF 145.190 Thorold
  • VE3PLF 444.725 Thorold
  • VE3WCR 147.300 Fonthill/Welland

Dufferin County ARES & Canwarn:

  • VE3ZAP 146.685 Shelburn (Main)
  • VE3ORX 444.025 Orangeville (Main)
  • VE3MAP 444.500 Caledon (backup)

Eastern Ontario:

  • VE3KFR 145.39 Campbellford
  • VE3RTR 145.15 Couburg
  • VE3TJU 146.73 Picton

Other good local weather frequencies are as follows: 162.400 Toronto CN Tower; 162.475 St Catherines/Niagara; 162.550 Buffalo NOAA station. Marine frequencies are 161.650 and 161.775 for continuous marine and weather broadcasts.

Courtesy John McKay's Ontario Storm Chasers Page

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