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KWARC 2003 Field Day
Doon Heritage Cross Roads
June 28 -29
  Last updated October 06, 2003


Thanks to Wendy Connell of the Doon Village, Ham Radio had great exposure along Homer-Watson Blvd for the week prior to FD. 

Photo by VE3SY

As the weather gods promised, we had fairly acceptable weather most of the weekend with the exception of a very short quick morning watering of everything on Sunday morning.

The site was very nicely set up for us and everyone was able to get set up very quickly and comfortably.

Gord VE3EOS and Don VE3ESE unveiled their secret weapon, which turned out to be a very effective 570kc-dumping device. This particular station has in the past, been an impediment to 160Mtr reception. Where don is going to store that 45 gallon device till next field day I'm not sure but I think he wants to build a nice new double car garage anyways.

Unfortunately, the schedules of the mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge did not allow for their attendance at our annual field day.

President Ben being interviewed by CKCO's Erin Henderson.

Photo by VA3TVS

However, CTV showed up and provided an excellent 6pm broadcast on Saturday afternoon.

Ron, VA3TVS provided an excellent Canwarn display and also managed to solicit some assistance and materials from Environment Canada.

Our endeavours to partake in Class "F" this year failed due to the fact that there is nothing in place between the club and the city's emergency operations center.

Bob VE3XNB's attempts to obtain a satellite contact this year yielded much knowledge and two antennas but no contact. I expect we will have much better luck next year.

Ben VE3ST rigging his crank-up
tower for FD antennas.

Photo by VA3TNG

Our first go at the G.O.T.A station was an interesting success. Several people who had never had an opportunity to operate HF made the attempt and found it quite enjoyable. They also discovered the vast differences between VHF and HF contacts. I am also quite pleased to say that at least one person has been bitten very nicely by the HF bug and that Gord VE3EOS will have a great excuse for acquiring more space and equipment in the future, in order to accommodate the extra "operational requirements".

The superintendent of the waterloo regional police popped in to say hello, as did many other individuals. We had excellent help in the setup and take down and many thanks to those who helped out.

Linda Hayward and her crew did an excellent job of providing edible goodies and the Sunday breakfast was especially successful.

Hubbie and Eileen provided their (as always) marvellous chilly and anyone who was not there, missed out and left more for me. Gee To bad eh?

Our point total will be in the 2300 to 2400 range and that's not bad for 5 stations. Great heaps of thanks for those who put the enormous effort into acquiring them.

There were numerous pictures taken by numerous people and Ben VE3ST will be making a composite for all to see, including our 6pm CTV show.

In all, it was a great Field Day weekend and with any luck, next year will be stupendous.

Dave Sullivan
K.W.A.R.C Field Day Manager.

Field Day 2003 Photo Album

photo's by VE3SY

For the traffic driving along Homer-Watson Blvd for the week prior to FD, there was no question the Ham Radio would be on display FD weekend.  Thanks again to Wendy Connell from the Doon Heritage Crossroads for the hospitality

Videographer Erin Henderson of CKCO-TV was on hand to capture our FD for the nightly news on Channel 13.

She did a great job and we received excellent coverage on the 6 and 11pm newscasts.  Here she gets footage of Jon VE3CBX setting up our 15 metre CW station


Bob VE3NXB mocks up a typical satellite pass for CKCO

New bonus points this year for having a GOTA (Get On The Air) station active.  Contacts were restricted to newly licensed hams or those who have been inactive for more than 2 years. 

Here we have Colin Hayward VA3CTG, A.J VE3ABZ and FD co-ordinator Dave VE3RBA at the GOTA operating position

Fred VE3OQB and Gord VE3RGG operating 40 SSB

John VE3SJV trying to pull a few more 80 SSB and PSK31 contacts

Doug VE3IYB on 10 SSB

Gord VE3EOS describing his secret weapon used on his 160 station.

 See more info below.

James VA3TNG was able to sneak into the highly secretive 160 metre station and grab this photo of Gord at the controls.  James did manage to get a corner of the secret weapon on the left side of the photo

The 3EOS/3ESE Secret Weapon being inspected and photographed by Bob VE3XNB.

photo by Lynda VA3LWH

The Secret Weapon was a helical resonator designed and built by Gord EOS and Don ESE tuned to suck out the local AM station on 570 khz that swamped the 160 band last year.

photo by Lynda VA3LWH

Hey Bill - do you hear a train?

 In recognition of the clubs volunteer efforts, the MPP for Cambridge and Kitchener South Gerry Martinuck (PC) provided the club with this lovely certificate.  Click certificate for a larger image.

Thanks to all of those who submitted photos.   Lynda VA3LWH, James VA3TNG, Ron VA3TVS and Paul VE3SY.


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