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First Canadian LF QSO on 136 kHz

From: RAC Headquarters
Date: July 22, 2000
Subject: First Canadian LF QSO on 136 kHz

Poor to medium conditions, but at 1400 GMT - July 22, VA3LK and VE3OT accomplished a 2-way QSO on 136 kHz - a first in Canada. The distance was 431 kM (268 miles). Method was with QRSS at 0.4 wpm, using the sweep second hand to count the dots and dashes.

VA3LK - using an IRF540 final ( 18V @ 4A) on 137.710 kHz  and with a 270 ft tower.
VE3OT - G0MRF rig (at 200 watts) on 137.780 kHz on a 50 foot Marconi with an 80 ft top-hat.

Larry VA3LK's coordinates are 44o40' N 76o 25' W  and Mitch VE3OT's coordinates are 43oN 81o 15'W

(Larry and Mitch  have special authorisation from IC to operate on 136 kHz)

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