Fox Hunt Nbr 3 May 8th, 04 

by Paul VE3SY

photo by Emily Bayers       

It appeared the rainy weather dampened the spirits of many previous Fox Hunters as only three participants took part in the May 8th hunt.

James VA3TNG and his girlfriend (left) was this hunts Huntmaster who had the responsibility of hiding the fox for the 3 hunters Paul Cassel VE3SY (standing) Dave Lamb VA3EZT and Terry Green VE3NSV. 

We started off from the usual meeting place at Tim Horton's Ottawa and River Road at 1pm.  James was given the signal at about 1:30 to release the fox (turn it on) and the hounds (us three) were off on the hunt.

Terry's Setup
Terry used an HT with an 82dB step attenuator on his in-car 1/4 wave antenna

Dave's Setup
Dave just used his HT in his lap

My (VE3SY) Setup
No attenuator - just my mobile and roof mounted 1/4 wave antenna.  For attenuation I
simply kept moving off frequency in 5khz steps.

I took a chance that since the last 2 fox locations where in the South West end of Kitchener there was a good chance this fox was hiding in Waterloo.  Sure enough signal strength did increase as I proceeded North but started to weaken as I passed Bridgeport Rd.  I then headed West and the signal continued to increase in strength.   As I crossed Fisher Hallman the signal started to weaken so I headed North again following Columbia up to Phillip and along Phillip where the signal was quite strong.

I then proceeded into the heart of Lakeshore Village and drove back and forth several hundred yards on Cedarbrae knowing from the signal strength, 25 kHZ off frequency, I had to be within a hundred feet of the fox.  Finally I spotted  James's car behind the Cedarbrae Public School and beside James was Terry who arrived a few minutes earlier.

And a few minutes after me was Dave VA3EZT who pulled in for a 1,2,3 finish all within about 7 minutes of each other.

Despite the rain we all had a good fun time and retired to Tim Horton's at Phillip and Albert for some warm coffee.

Turns out this was a popular spot for hams as Rich VE3DCC, Rick VA3II, Bob VE3HVO and John VE3AMZ dropped in.

Next Hunt Aug 7th
The next hunt has been scheduled for Saturday August 7th, 1pm Tim's River and Ottawa.  All are welcome.

Paul VE3SY