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 WP3C Homepage and DX References added August 02, 2005
   Here you will found info about WP3C station and links about Dx Cluster, Live Chat, Propagation, Contest, etc. 

 IK3QAR Qsl manager lookup added October 30, 2002
   Qsl manager and Dx addresses lookup

 Canadain ISlands Award Website added October 21, 2002
   Canadian ISlands Award Website with information on Islands and rules for the Canadian ISlands Award program Co-ordinated by Garry V. Hammond VE3XN

 www.qth.net added July 21, 1999
   An extensive list of Amateur Radio Mailing Lists

 DX QSL NET added July 21, 1999
   A site dedicated to Amateur Radio DXing

 Ontario DX Association added July 21, 1999
   Mainly aimed at SWL

 OK1RR DX & Contesting Page added May 19, 1999
   Downloadable QSL manager database, YPLOG, TR log files, tons of software, operating tips, projects, radio control, maps, QSLing and more, more

 The HF Beacon System   Are the bands open?