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Packet Radio Links

There are dozens of great applications that have been developed around and for Packet Radio.  

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   Packet radio with linux added January 08, 2003
   linux, packet radio, mods in french sorry :-)

 GB7MBC DXCLUSTER added February 20, 2002
   European dx-cluster

 Packet and Stuff added January 21, 2002
   Links to usefull packet and digital radio resources.Has POP-UP ADDS

 TPK and WInpack from Roger Barker
     Software patches/utilities for TPK and Winpack

 Ontario Packet Nodes added November 12, 1998
     from VA3HSC

   WWW.PACKETRADIO.COM added November 12, 1998
     An unbelievably complete Packet resource Site

 Ottawa Packet Group added November 12, 1998
     Packet Working Group of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club

 T.A.P.R added November 12, 1998
     The Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio Organization

 PEEL A.P.R.S. added November 10, 1998
     An Extensive A.P.R.S. Site

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