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 K0BG A Web Site For Mobile Amateur Radio Operators added April 2nd , 2007

 KU3X hop up your Hustler added January 15, 2006

 ve3tmg welcome to my site added September 20, 2005
   ham radio web site audio files pictures

 Ham Lookup added July 23, 2005
   Ham Lookup is the Amateur Radio callsign and license search callbook CD-ROM for Windows and Linux. (Amateur Related Software category)

 ON2BBP's site added April 07, 2005
   Info about building a magnetic loop antenna, VLF loop and a PMR446 yagi.

 W6DEK.COM [GOOD ONE] :-) added October 21, 2004
    - an amateur radio web site serving the notorious 147.435Mhz repeater in Los Angeles. Tune in and LISTEN LIVE onthe net!

 4S7OF Moratuwa, Sri Lanka added September 26, 2004
   4S7OF ham radio site with searchable log, QSL info and operating schedules.

 Welcome to VA3OAT 's Webpage added August 22, 2004
   My website has information on Packet Radio & Repeaters in the area.

 Western New York Southern Ontario Repeater Council added May 25, 2004
   Repeater Council for promoting optimum use of spectrum without interference

 Ham Radio Application Downloads added March 13, 2004
   Download all the stuff avaiable..

 Ham Radio Section added July 08, 2003
   A lot of Stuff where Download Sw 4 Sstv,Cw,Packet,Polar Sat,Rtty & More..

 The Hack Shack-NM1K/KA1VEC added June 22, 2003
   Ham Radio Related Personal

 VE3EPS added May 26, 2003
   Ham Radio Info and Station info.

 Kincardine Amateur Weather Station added April 30, 2003
   Weather and WebCam from VE3COE's QTH in Kincardine Ontario

 Fjellreven`s hjemmeside added April 29, 2003

 VE3ORD added April 22, 2003
   Amature Radio Web Site

 ZL1CRO -Sinisa Aljinovic added January 14, 2003
   home page with Pacific qsl gallery and some links.

 IT9GSV home page Satellite, APRS, ISS added December 29, 2002
   Satellite ,ISS, Space, AO-40, SSTV, all the satellite world.

 Kayalpattinam HAM Radio Society (VU2 KYP) Homepage added October 16, 2002
   This is the homepage of Kayalpattinam Ham Radio Society (VU2 KYP)

 Welcome to the Homepage of Shaikh Sadaqathullah (VU2 SD added October 16, 2002
   This is the homepage of Shaikh Sadaqathullah (VU2 SDU) - Amateur Radio Operator from Chennai (Madras),Tamilnadu,India.

 Vintage Ham Stations added July 15, 2002
   This site is dedicated to the construction and operation of Vintage Ham radio stations of the 1920's and 1930's era.

 The Wireless Set No. 19 added June 18, 2002
   For collectors and operators of the historic WWII "tank" radio, the 19 set.

 DO1LVS THE BEST HAM LINKS 2000 added May 06, 2002

 Hank's YC156 Amp Pages added March 07, 2002
   Hank's YC156 amplifier project. Everything you wanted to know about using the YC156 in a ham radio linear amplifier. See pictures, schematics, test data, links, and more!

 NØOKS Freeware - QSL Info Lookup Program & Data added February 20, 2002
   Freeware QSL info lookup program and data for Canadian & US Hams. Updated weekly.

 LET IRLP GROW YOUR MEMBERSHIP added February 15, 2002
   Read about how IRLP helped the K-W ARC grow it's membership by 20%.

 Amateur Online added February 15, 2002
   General Amateur Radio/iLINK site

 Gerry King, VE3GK's Hombrew Site added January 28, 2002
   This site contains home designed and home constructed, full size, Amateur Radio projects, Plus many related VE3GK published "Game Gain" Canadian Amateur Mag articles.

 The G4PYR MF Coastal Radio Web Site added October 17, 2001
   A site dedicated to MF Coastal radio Stations, with some VHF station information as well

 The VE3XTH Web added June 24, 2001
   A personal web with links to many sites of interest to Radio Amateurs.

 LU1ICI Home page with links added June 22, 2001

 Amateur Radio in Ottawa Area added June 13, 2001
   Ham Radio Society of Ottawa Area, Links, Mods.

 Ham Radio K8TBW added March 23, 2001
   Welcome to my Homepage !

 VE3ETK Ham Radio Web Site added March 23, 2001
   Operating and Technical Software info for Amateurs

 K8CX HAM GALLERY added December 16, 2000
   This site contains Ham Classified ads, Antique and rare QSL Card gallery, Dayton Hamvention photos and much more.

 Home Page UR5EAW added December 15, 2000
   Alex in Ukraine

 Home Page for ve1twb added November 26, 2000
   Many pix of his shack. (Slow download)

 homepage do1lvs-sstvgallery added November 19, 2000
   A SSTV gallery from DO1LVS Germany nr Kiel

 SV3FUO RADIO AMATEUR STATION added November 15, 2000

 Ham Radio Community Chapter added October 24, 2000
   Ham radio interactive website, online audio and video, live ham webcam, news, radio mods, satellite images, solar, ham radio discussions, updates, forums, links, directories, online classifieds, and more by kd4sai.

 VE3DBP'S HOME PAGE added September 24, 2000
   Contains Biography and Description of my multiband Vertical antenna

 WB8TGY's Michigan Microwave Page added September 05, 2000
   Info on Microwave Amateur Radio Bands, operators and hilltops in Michigan.

 VE3SY.COM added August 11, 2000
   Check out the shack, tower project and via APRS you see where my Van is. traveling

 VA3RJ's Amateur Radio Pages added June 06, 2000
   Callbooks, Contesting, DXing, County Hunting, IOTA, 1000+ Log Search's, QSL Routes, and more.

 DL1QQ added April 18, 2000
   My personal web page with pictures and descriptions. Unfortunately, so far only in German.

 HAMSOFT added February 25, 2000
   Homepage of DF9FV, Martin (in German)

 VE2KBM Liens / Links added February 20, 2000
   Your guide to ham radio web sites

 HamQuest added August 12, 1999
   Virtual HamFest Auction for bidders and sellers.

 Al,s Ham Radio VE3SQB added August 05, 1999
SSTV info and antenna design freeware.

 KK4TR RADIO & WEATHER WEBSITE added July 25, 1999
Radio Communications and Weather website with more than 2000 links to similar & amateur radio related topics.

 N1PAY's Cyber World added July 10, 1999
   Amateur Radio,Missing Children & fun

 N1PAY's Cyber World added July 10, 1999
   Amateur Radio,Missing Children & fun

 VE7BNY Homepage added May 12, 1999
   Satellite Communications

 VE3KIS Web Pages added March 30, 1999
   Site is a personal profile and hosts the "Fergus-Elora ARC"

 KF4OFN's Homepage added March 27, 1999
   Personal Home Page KF4OFN

  I5JVA PERSONAL WEB PAGE added February 21, 1999
   my antennas for low band

 N2PTL added February 06, 1999
   Some stuff for you to look at when your bored.

 Web Page of KB2SEO added January 21, 1999
   Great Links for All Ham interests!

 K8TBW Homepage added January 13, 1999
   K8TBW Homepage with info & links related to Amateur Radio.

 NG3K Ham Resources added December 29, 1998
   A comprehensive list and links to many
interesting ham radio sites and services

 VE1GO's Page added December 24, 1998
   Ham Stuff

 AC6V added November 17, 1998
     Excellent Amateur Radio & DX Reference

 PU2ELO´s Home Page added November 12, 1998

 NL7J ALASKA added November 12, 1998
     NL7J adds artistic creativity to the Hobby

 Bob Cooke VE3BDB updated Sept. 12, 2000
     Features 19 Set info

 VK4YAL's Home Page added November 12, 1998
     From way down under.

 VE3EAY and DIY added November 12, 1998
     Dave and Dallas Young, London, Ontario

 Andy RW3AH added November 12, 1998
     Check his MOSCOW SPY Camera (really!)

 Welcome tt VE3PRD'S Webpage added November 12, 1998
     Longitude: 080 19.861 W Latitude: 43 13.630 N

 Radio Club EME Phocéen added November 12, 1998
     F5KDK 432 EME Club

 Radio Club EME Phocéen added November 12, 1998
     F5KDK 432 EME Club

 Paul Tait VA3PT added November 12, 1998
     Check the Repeater Directory

 VE3GSX and VE3GS added November 12, 1998
     Combined homepage

 Welcome to ZL1CRO added November 12, 1998
     Auckland NZ

 Homepage for N0OFQ added November 12, 1998
     Yutan, Nebraska

 KB2KRB added November 12, 1998
     Paul Savini's Home Page

 Paul and Marg Cassel added November 12, 1998
     Home Page for VE3SY and VE3BLJ

 VE3GCI added November 10, 1998
     Home Page for Glenn Sweet VE3GCI

 ve1go page added December 24, 1998
   ham stuff