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University Ham Radio Clubs

Here are a few University based Ham Radio web sites. Browse and after visiting each site, use your back button to return here for more.

If your University or College page is not listed, please CLICK HERE to add yours.

 Rutgers University Ham Radio Club added May 18, 2001
   College Radio Club site

 Concordia University-Irvine added November 13, 1998
     Amateur Radio Society Webpage

     University of Waterloo ARC

The following are older links Manualy Entered Links
K1AD, Brown University Radio Club

Ham Pages from Brown U

W6YX Stanford's ARC, lots of links

W9YT, Wisconsin-Madison Badger U ARS

WB4TCW: U of Central Florida ARC

W2SZ - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

W3EAX: University of Maryland Club

KE4ARM: North Carolina State University

WA3NAN: Goddard Amateur Radio Club

W6YX: Stanford Amateur Radio Club

W2AEE: Columbia U Amateur Radio Club

W6BHZ: California Polytechnic ARC

SK0BU - Royal Inst. of Technology in Stockholm

GJ4ICD - CInet - Jersey UK


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